TMS Stage 1 Power Package (02-06 Mini Cooper S)

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Give your Mini Cooper a large boost in power without compromising reliability? The TMS Stage 1 Power Package comes with the Shark Injector, performance supercharger pulley, and performance spark plugs, all designed to maximize your Mini Cooper S' Performance. The best part about the TMS Stage 1 kit is that all of the upgrades can simply be done in your own home and no special tools are required. Typically gains of 30-34 horsepower were observed simply by adding the components included with the kit. Apart from improving power the Shark Injector also raises the rev limit by 200, and removes the top speed limiter. Typically installation of the whole kit can be completed in under a few hours and is completely reversible. Reliably upgrade the horsepower and torque of your Mini Cooper with the TMS Stage 1 Power Package.

  • Dyno proven gains in horsepower and torque
  • Rev-limit increased by 200
  • Removal of the top speed limiter
  • Can be installed by a non-professional

With the Shark Injector you have to option to choose between 91 octane or 93 octane. Please choose your octane level according to the octane available in your area.


  • Shark Injector
  • Supercharger pulley (16% smaller)
  • Performance spark plugs


  • 2002-2006 Mini Cooper S

Note: To perform the TMS Stage 1 upgrade you will need a 10 AMP or greater battery charger, if you do not have one of these please select ""yes"" in the drop down menu.

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