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About SSR Wheels

SSR released their first 3 piece wheel in 1971, the MK1. Today SSR continues to adapt and innovate their wheels while continuing to be a well known company among car enthusiasts.

The low weight ratio and strength provided in their wheels allows drivers to have confidence in their products. Whether the goal is to improve safety in a family road trip, improve your lap times around the track or simply stand out from the rest, SSR will help you do that. SSR has many options to choose from, helping you accomplish your goal in your vehicle.

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3 piece construction.

SSR's 3-piece wheels are made up of an outer rim, inner rim, and the face. Each piece is made up of a slightly different alloy of aluminum in order to ensure a specific distribution of strength and lightness throughout the wheel. The innovative creation of the 3 piece wheels develops benefits such as high strength and low weight.

Specific models of SSR are hybrid 2-piece wheels, which basically means that the face of the rim goes through the SSF(Semi Solid Forging/also known as flow forming) process while the barrel is forged and heat treated.The 2-piece hybrids are a more flexible type of wheel from SSR that are created with sizing, strength and lightness in mind.

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HTM (Heat Treatment Manufacture)

SSR enhances both the quality and strength of their wheels for any sort of vehicles and drivers, from hard tuned race cars to heavier vehicles. After each wheel goes through the production line, the inner barrel is then heated for a second time due to the inner stress that the inside of the wheel receives from any driving situation.

These wheels are made with racing and heavily tuned cars in mind, so you don't have to worry about getting value for your money. These are top of the line wheels that will make your ride look great, act more like a race car, and give you trust in the part of your car that needs to be the most durable, its unsprung mass.


SSR Wheels warrants all of their wheels against defects in workmanship or materials under normal use and service upon proper installation for a period of one year. SSR wheels, upon their option, will repair or replace the damaged wheel or issue a refund. The warranty is non-transferrable, the wheels are a subject to a (1) year limited warranty from date of purchase exchange.

For further information and limitations on the warranty offered by SSR Wheels click here.

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