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About Akrapovic Sport Exhaust

Let your car be heard while also increasing horsepower and torque output with a Akrapovic exhaust system. All of the exhaust systems feature straight-through mufflers for an unrestricted exhaust flow that will not only give your BMW, Audi, VW, or Mini new found power output, but an aggressive new exhaust note.

Akrapovic makes the world's best exhaust systems for Automobiles and Motorcycles. The look and sounds are incredibly unique and exotic; there is no mistaking an Akrapovic exhaust for anything else. If you are looking to set your vehicle apart an Akrapovic exhaust will definitely get the job done.

Motorsport Pedigree
The founder of Akrapovic (Igor Akrapovic) had a 20 year motorcycle racing career from 1970 to 1990. In 1991, Akrapovic was founded with the pursuit of creating the optimal exhaust systems for power and sound. They main particiapted in motorcylce racing for the first decade working with teams like Kawasaki and Honda. After numorous wins Akrapovic began working with Formula 1 teams developing exhaust systems.

In the last 15 years Akrapovic has seen victories in ADAC with Porsche, MotoGP with Yomaha & Suzuki, and Le Mans with Audi. Rest asured, your Akrapovic system was developed by the best engineers in the exhaust world.

Highest Level of Quality
Scrupulous attention to chemical compositions and gas content of titanium, stainless steel, and aluminium alloys is constant; gas content is crucial for the quality of cast titanium parts. Hardness and micro-hardness measurements, tensile properties, plastic properties, and formability determinations are carried out for all incoming and new materials by a team of highly-skilled engineers. Such regular procedures ensure the best quality of the final product and the use of the best materials.

All major material properties are checked and evaluated in our state-of-the-art metallurgical laboratory; it also offers support for the titanium casting facility and production and R&D activities.

Sound Engineering
A team of engineers spends countless days looking for the perfect sound, one of the four major elements of exhaust system design. On one hand, the exhaust system must fulfil the homologation noise levels. On the other hand, a good exhaust system is expected to deliver better and appreciated sound that you want to be recognised by.

At Akrapovič, special measurement techniques and equipment are used to capture and analyse cabin and tailpipe exhaust sound, which is presented in a sound colour map - a signature of the exhaust system. Based on results, proper acoustic elements are calculated. This process helps engineers find the sound characteristics of the exhaust system. Sound measurements can be performed on the road or on the dynamometer.