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About Rohana Wheels

Founded in 2010, Rohana entered the market with already over 15 years of experience in the aftermarket wheel industry. Their goal of providing the highest level of quality and excellence in their products has definitely been met. Their unique designs cater to high end luxury and performance vehicle, but that doesn't mean they haven't grown in popularity amoung all makes and models.

Here at ModBargains, we have been recommending Rohana wheels to clients with nothing but rave reviews. It is easy to see why our clients keep choosing Rohana for their vehciles.

Rotary Form (Flow Formed)

"Rotary Form" (Flow Forming) is a production procedure that turns the wheel (or rim section) over a special mandrel and three hydraulic rollers using tremendous pressure. The pressure and turning then force the rim area to form against the mandrel, creating the shape and width of the rim. During Flow Forming, the rim actually “flows” down to create the full rim width. The pressure applied to the cast rim actually changes its mechanical properties, so its strength and impact values become similar to those of a forged rim. That translates to up to 15% less weight when compared to a standard cast wheel.

Variety and Concavity

Rohana offers a wide variety of wheels, catering to enthusiasts who seek unique designs with maximum concavity. Their engineering allows them to create cast and flow form wheels with a one-piece monoblock design. The RC series concave wheels are low pressure cast, with improved mechanical properties over a gravity cast wheel and their RF series concave wheels are flow formed for increased strength and reduced weight.

Rohana offers a huge variety of style, fitments, and concavity. We are sure you will find a style that fits you and your vehicle's look perfectly.


Rohana stands behind their product with an amazing Lifetime Structural Warranty covering any defects that are a result of a manufacturing issue. They also offer a 1 Year limited warranty on the finish of their wheels. This covers an issues with paint surface or finish due to defects in materials or workmanship under normal and intended use.

Buy with confidence knowing that Rohana Wheels and ModBargains stand behind their products.