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About Eisenmann Exhaust Systems

Eisenmann exhaust systems feature an aggressive tone, and targets the luxury European car owner, who wants to be noticed. Every Eisenmann exhaust system is made from 100% 304 stainless steel and manufactured to high quality specifications better than factory stock.

Eisenmann exhaust systems combine the latest technology with handsome craftsmanship. Attaining perfection is never an easy task, but each Eisenmann exhaust system achieves that quest. Combined with years of experience, and product development, Eisenmann exhaust systems are a leader in the industry.

Racing & Automotive Partners

Eisenmann orginally started out as an enthusiast business for the owner manufacturing Porsche Exhausts that he created for his own vehcile. Within a decade Eisenmann would be supplying Porsche themselves with exhaust components. They soon expanding to supplying parts for specialty Mercendes AMG models as well. Today Eisenmann has aftermarket exhaust systems for Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and many more.

Eisenmann has seen great success with their BMW Systems. So much so that Ekris race team partnered with Eisenmann to develope a special race exhaust system for their GT4 M4's.

Performance Focused Design

From the beginning, every Eisenmann Exhaust System is designed with one main focus – Performance.

Consequently, a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of vehicle dynamics, internal combustion engine dynamics, and fluid flow mechanics and how these principles interact and can be altered to improve engine performance is critical.

The design of each system takes into account the vehicle layout, motor type and displacement, and operating range and conditions. Every component of the exhaust system, from the tubing shape and size to the canister dimensions, is meticulously calculated and optimized for each vehicle.