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About BC Forged Wheels

BC Forged was created by BC Enterprise (manufacturer of BC Racing Coilovers) in 2010. With their success in bringing high quality suspension to the market at an affordable price, they moved their sights to other areas and chose forged wheels. Today, BC Forged is one of the largest manufacturers of forged wheels in the world with over 100 designs at the most affordable prices on the market. Don't let the price fool you, these forged wheels are very high quality and completely customizable.

We have had an outstanding relationship with BC Racing for years and when they introduced BC Forged Wheels we know it was going to be a huge success. We highly recommend BC Forged wheels to all our customers looking for the best quality wheels on the market.

Monoblock & Modular

Forged wheels are the epitome of vehicle modifications. That doesn't make the decision on which model to get any easier. BC Forged offers both Monoblock and Modular forged wheels (over 100 designs).

Monoblock wheels are 1-piece wheels machined from a single piece of 6061-T6 Forged Aluminum. They are the lightest weight option while being incredibly strong. For the performance minded enthusiast, Monoblock is the best choice.

Modular wheels are multi-piece wheels with the barrels and face machined from multiple pieces of 6061-T6 Forged Aluminum. BC Forged uses 2-piece construction to achieve very lightweight and strong designs. Modular wheels are a favorite amoung enthusasts for thier unique and captivating look and near unlimited customizability.

Extensive Engineering

Engineering is the key to BC Forged's success. While the designs of their wheels are beautiful, it takes extensive engineering to ensure that all their design meet the performance standard expected of a Forged Wheel.

BC Forged Engineers use state of the art software paired with high end testing equipment to ensure that every wheel design will not only meet, but exceed standards set forth by JWL, DOT, TUV, etc.

All Monoblock and Modular wheels are made from 6061-T6 Aluminum (one of the highest quality and strongest alloys). This is the same alloy used in Aircraft, and other high performance construction.


All BC Forged wheels come with a limited 3 Year Structural warranty. This means if any damage to the wheel occurs under normal usage, BC will replace the wheel at no cost.

BC Forged wheels also come with a 1 Year Finish Warranty. The finish on these wheels is top notch and will easily last the lifetime of the wheels if cared for properly.

Buy with confidence knowing that BC Forged Wheels and ModBargains stand behind their products.

BC Forged Wheels Warranty 3 year structural 1 year finish