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About Avant Garde Wheels Wheels

One of the sexiest modifications you can do to your vehicle are the wheels it rolls on. Avant Garde has recognized that many cars come factory with less-than-flattering wheels. With over 40 years of experience in the automotive wheel industry, Avant Garde has set a new standard in perfect fitments, stunning designs, and absolutely breathtaking finishes. With numerous models of wheels to choose from, there is bound to be something that's perfect for your car.

No matter what you drive, Avant Garde Wheels will always be one of the best decision of wheels you can purchase to transform your car from its typical, normal look into a show-stopping, jaw-dropping masterpiece.

ART (Flow Forming)

Avant Garde's ART or Advanced Rim Technology (Flow Forming) is a production procedure that turns the wheel (or rim section) over a special mandrel and three hydraulic rollers using tremendous pressure. The pressure and turning then force the rim area to form against the mandrel, creating the shape and width of the rim. During Flow Forming, the rim actually “flows” down to create the full rim width. The pressure applied to the cast rim actually changes its mechanical properties, so its strength and impact values become similar to those of a forged rim. That translates to up to 15% less weight when compared to a standard cast wheel.

Exceptional FIT

Because of Avant Garde's unique manufacturing abilities, they are able to produce vehicle specific fitments designed to fit each application as aggressively as possible without compromising on style. Each wheel is produced with specific vehicle in mind in order to cater to the various niche markets in the industry.

Their goal is aggressive, yet functional fitments that look as attractive as possible, and they definitely hit the mark!


Avant Garde offers a lifetime structural warranty on all their wheels to the original purchaser. They guarantee their wheels to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. Avant Garde also has a 1 year finish warranty for paint and powerder coat finishes.

Avant Garde stands behind their products and with a lifetime structural warranty, you know your wheels will last just as long if not longer than your vehcile. Here at ModBargains, we have had nothing but great experiences with AG Wheels and so have our clients.