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- Our Mission -

To share our Expertise, Experience, and Enthusiasm to make the world a better place for automotive enthusiasts.

About Us

We at ModBargains strive to help the enthusiast community make the most informed decisions when buying car parts. Being enthusiasts ourselves, we understand the painful process that shopping for mods can cause. Between conflicting user reviews, lack of information from manufacturers, cryptic or vague product descriptions, and countless retailers selling every option under the sun, it can be quite confusing.

What makes ModBargains different is our effort to help you make the shopping experience more transparent and confidence building. We closely evaluate every brand we carry on our website and stand behind the quality and value of their products. We even go as far as inspecting every item that comes through our warehouse. We have Mod Experts available everyday to assist clients with choosing the right parts for their vehicles based on goals, needs, and budget. The marketing team takes the cumulative knowledge of the company and uses it to create more informative product listings to help anyone searching for parts get the best information available.

Career Opportunities

Whether you're an industry veteran or an enthusiast wanting to turn your passion into a career, ModBargains is a great place to work.

At ModBargains, our purpose is to share our expertise, experience, and enthusiasm in an effort to make the world a better place for automotive enthusiasts. We are the company that people trust to modify their car with new wheels, exhaust, body kits, suspension, or anything else to make their vehicle look better, go faster, or be more unique.

We have been featured in the Orange County Register, OC Metro, SEMA magazine, and other publications. Most of the articles about us focus on our growth and passion for the industry, as well as our healthy internal work culture that all of our employees love. We truly are a team of great individuals working hard every day to make a difference for automotive enthusiasts.

ModBargains is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOC). It is our policy to fill positions with qualified candidates regardless of the candidate's race, color, sex, age, religion, ancestry, national origin, citizenship status, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, disability, pregnancy, military status, veteran status, or any other protected group status.


ModBargains was created in 2005 by Co-Founders Ron Hay and Mike Brown. They began as a small website offering a handful of BMW Products and acting as a referral site for the best deals (or Bargains) on mods offered by various retailers.

The site quickly gained traction and popularity allowing Ron and Mike to offer more products through the site and expand into additional markets like Mercedes and Volkswagen. By mid 2006, had grown in to a respectable retailer for car mods offering everything from carbon fiber styling and headlights to suspension products and wheels.

Modbargains Old Office in Brea
Modbargains old logo
Modbargains old team

In 2010, ModBargains hit another milestone when they purchased a new office and warehouse space to service as the company headquarters. By this time has a thriving online retailer that was well know for being first to market with new products and introducing new manufacturers to the market that people could trust. By this time the company was also one of the most trusted distributors amount manufacturers that ModBargains was able to make suggestions for products based on community demand and get new products made for enthusiasts who just couldn't find what they were looking for.

Modbargains new building 2010
Modbargains Warehouse 2010
Modbargains Team 2010

After 10 years in business, ModBargains showed no sign of slowing down. The company expanded their operation by acquiring space for a dedicated warehouse and we turned our old warehouse/shop into the ModAuto Performance Center. Ron and Mike had secured a place amount the most elite Aftermarket Automotive Retailers and was one ofthe largest stocking suppliers for many manufacturers in the US. The performance shop is still regarded as one of the best in California both in Appearance and Experience.

Modbargains New Shop with Ron Hay and Mike Brown
Modbargains Waiting Room
Modbargains Mod Auto Shop

Today ModBargains is still one of the leading Aftermarket Retailers catering to enthusiasts from every community.

Modbargains Audi RS5 on HRE FF04
Modbargains G30 540i on Forgestar F14
Modbargains Tesla Model 3 on HRE FF01

Our Facilities

To provide our clients with the best service possible, we stock a large amount of popular products for all types of vehicles in our 13,000 ft2 warehouse in La Habra, CA. Stocking these parts allows us to offer the faster shipping times. To ensure all of our clients receive their parts in perfect condition, we quality control every item that passes through our warehouse.

Modbargains Warehouse Tires
Modbargains Warehouse
Modbargains Warehouse

ModBargains also runs a full service performance shop under the name ModAuto. This facility not only allows us to offer local clients quality installation services, but also gives us more hands on experience with the parts we offer. The shop allows us to generate more content for clients so they can see more examples of mods installed on other vehicles, create installation tutorials, and provide well informed product recommendations.

Modbargains ModAuto Service Center - BMW, Porsche, Tesla
Modbargains ModAuto Waiting Room
Modbargains ModAuto Alignment Machine - Infiniti Q50

Our Equipment

We pride ourselves on offering the best service, and part of that service is using the best equipment available.

Our wheel & tire packages are all prepared with a Hunter Revolution Tire Mounter and Road Forced Balanced using the Hunter Elite System.

For local installs we dial in alignements with the Hunter Hawkeye Elite. We have done thousands of alignments on everything from high power BMW M cars and AWD Audis to bagged show cars and lifted trucks. This experience helps us keep our clients informed is any suspension systems or wheels & tire packages will cause alignment issues.

Modbargains Hunter Tire Mounter
Modbargains Road Force Balancer
Modbargains Alignment Machine - Lexus GS - Low Car Friendly

We have updated and upgraded our equipment many times over the years in our efforts to offer the best quality service for our clients.

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