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About 034 Motorsport

034Motorsport was founded by Javad Shadzi in 2005, with a passion for bringing motorsport-quality performance upgrades and tuning to Audi and Volkswagen vehicles. The company has since evolved and grown to meet the expanding needs of enthusiasts, but the underlying passion for innovation, performance, and quality remains. 034Motorsport is dedicated to providing only the best performance products, tuning, and service.

034Motorsport is owned and operated by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts. All of their products feature innovative designs and unique engineering specifically optimized to take your Audi or VW vehicle to new levels of road handling and driving refinement

Application Specific Engineering

Every 034Motorsport product is designed to address specific issues that enthusiasts commonly experience with their Audi and VW. Anytime a bushing or mount is known too cause to much flex and deflection, 034Motorsport CNC machines a unique piece to address the slack and slop commonly found with the OEM mounts

Best of all, unlike poly inserts or full replacements, 034Motorsports billet aluminum inserts actualy prevent the aditional Noise Vibration or Harshness commonly felt when mounts are replaced. You get all the benefits of firm bushings, with out any cons.

More Than Just Suspension

034Motorsport also makes a range of performance mods including their P34 & X34 line of performance intake kits. Designed to not only increase power by freeing up the intake track, but also reduce the loss in pressure through the turbo. Their engineers use Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation to improve airflow and maxamise power gains given the size restrains of an engine bay, all while looking clean and OEM from the outside.

Just like all other 034Motorsport products whether it be intakes, bushings, swaybars or springs. Every component is built to the highest levels of quality and engineering. Expect nothing less the the best when choosing a 034Motorsport product for your Audi or VW