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About KW Suspensions

Suspension is one of the biggest impact upgrades you can do to your vehicle. Ride height makes a huge visual impact, and changing spring rates and dampening has a huge impact on ride quality and handling. We always recommend that our clients pick a quality suspension system when looking to lower their vehicle/upgrade their suspension.

KW makes sone of highest quality suspension systems on the market and put a lot of time and money into the developement of their products. We highly recommend KW because we know our clients will be 100% satisfied with the performance, ride quality, and look that these suspension systems provide.

The company was founded in 1995 with the goal of being the epitome for premium products in car tuning and automobile refinement. KW offers its clients the largest suspension program worldwide and its continually growing product lines include thousands of applications.

Many tuners and manufacturers rely on their suspension expertise. KW Suspension is a partner of various motorsports teams and manufactures such as the BMW M Devision, Mercedes-AMG, and VW Racing. They have also helped with the suspension development on vehilces such as the Novitec Rosso Ferraris, Rouch Mustangs, and the Dodge Viper ACR.

Innovative Test Procedures

KW uses a state-of-the-art 7-post drive dynamics test stand at their headquarters in Fichtenberg (Germany). This test stand can simulate different race track conditions. There are only 15 such hydraulic test stands available around the world and most of them are used by Formula 1 teams for their research and development measures.

KW uses this innovative test opportunity for developing new suspensions and optimizing suspension setups. The suspension experts also offers all interested racing teams and commercial partners the ability to utilize this system for suspension development and tuning.

Nothing but the Best

One of the best features of KW Suspensions is their quality. KW uses the highest quality materials to make sure you have the most durable suspension on the market.

The shock bodies are made from KW's "inox line" stainless steel which is 100% corrosion & rust resistant on top of looking beautiful. The spring seats are made of a composite material called polyamid with a stainless steel insert which is also 100% corrosion resistant and much more durable than most competitors aluminium spring seats.

Rest assured, your KW Suspension will probably outlive your vehicle.

KW Product Lines

Height Adjustable Springs

Looking to lower your vehicle but aren't ready to do a full coilover setup? The KW Height Adjustable Springs are the perfect option for you. The HAS offer the cost effectiveness of a lowering spring with the ride height adjustability of a coilover system. These are especially popular for vehicles that come with adaptive dampeners from the factory.

HAS kits use high-quality springs made of chrome-silicon steel that are vehicle specific and adjusted to the respective standard suspension dampers and wheel loads. These spring kits are developed to perfectly harmonize with your factory dampers so you don't compromize performance, ride quality, or shock longevity.

Variant 1

Looking for an entry model coilover for your street driven vehicle? The KW Variant 1 is a great option. This complete coilover system has height adjustability and optimally tuned non adjustable dampers. Perfect for those looking for more performance than lowering springs but are looking for something a little more budget friendly.

The Variant 1s deliver a comfortable and sporty ride while giving you the opportunity to adjust the ride height of your vehicle. They feature the same "inox-line" stainless steel construction as all their coilovers so you never have to worry about the durability of your suspension.

Street Comfort

If ride quality is your top priority when considering a new suspension, then the KW Street Comfort coilovers are perfect for you. We know that not everyone wants to sacrifice comfort for performance, and luckily you don't have to! Whether you are trying to improve the ride quality of your factory suspension, get rid your harsh aftermarket suspension, or are simply looking to improve the performance of your Luxury vehicle but don't want to compromise the "luxury", this is our recommendation.

The Street Comfort coilovers feature height adjustability within a slightly smaller range than Variant 1, 2, & 3's, mainly due to shock tuning being aimed at a more comfortable range. They also have rebound adjustability on the dampers so you can further tune the performance and comfort with the durability of their "inox-line" stainless steel construction.

Variant 2

Need more performance? The Variant 2 coilovers are the next step up when considering a performance suspension. They still offer great driving comfort but with a more performance tuned design than the Street Comfort. These are great coilovers for the performance minded enthusiast that wants a little extra adjustability, but doesn't want to get too deep into fine suspension tuning.

The Variant 2s feature full height adjustability with damper tuning aimed at performance driving while maintaining ride quality. The rebound adjustable dampers also allow for more tuning to your desired performance level and driving style, combined with the durability of their "inox-line" stainless steel construction.

Variant 3

If you are looking for the ultimate street coilover in terms of comfort and performance, then look no further. The Variant 3 coilovers offer race technology in a well mannered street package. If you are looking for fully adjustable coilover that you can use at the track on the weekends, and not feel bad about driving your date or partner in on Friday night, this is the suspension for you.

The Variant 3s feature full height adjustability with damper tuning aimed at very high performance driving without sacrificing comfort and ride quality. The dampers independent rebound and compression adjustability allow for the ultimate suspension tuning experience, combined with the durability of their "inox-line" stainless steel construction.


So you bought a fancy car with an amazing adaptive suspension system from the factory. While many simply opt for lowering springs in this situation, you want more. Well, look no further because KW has you covered with their Dynamic Damping Control (DDC) coilovers.

The DDC coilovers feature full height adjustability and damper tuning. The damper tuning on these coilovers is controlled by either the car (in the Plug & Play models) or via a phone app (in the DDC ECU models). This is the ultimate in real time suspension tuning and really takes your suspension to the next level.


Track is life, but you drive your race car on the street. Meet the Clubsport coilovers which combines KW's high-end racing technology with daily driving durability and comfort. These are the perfect choice for the track minded enthusiast.

The Clubsport coilovers feature full height adjustability with damper tuning aimed at performance and track driving while still retaining a civil ride. The dampers are independent rebound and compression adjustability for fine tuning performance, combined with the durability of their "inox-line" stainless steel construction. Most include adjustable unibal top mounts for adjustable camber and caster.