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 The Art of Airflow

About Eventuri

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Eventuri is a manufacturer of premium aftermarket carbon fiber intakes. The company was founded by a team of enthusiasts who are engineers with a background in Aeronautics and tuning. These enthusiasts, fed up with being disappointed by the paltry gains and unfulfilled promises of other intakes, decided they needed to take matters into their own hands. They created Eventuri to set the new bar for intake design and technology, and to engineer intake systems that provide real legitimate gains.

Extensive prototyping, testing and rigorous validation methods ensure their designs enhance the driving experience of your vehicle in the real world. With a construction quality that is second to none – Eventuri is raising the bar on every front and setting new standards in the industry.

The Art of Engineering

Eventuri intakes are engineered and designed with only the most modern technology and techniques. Every design undergoes CFD analysis and then moves into the prototype phase. In this phase the prototype is subjected to tests to evaluate its volumetric efficiency and air temperatures. It then goes into extensive dynamometer testing to test the intake's performance under load. The other unique feature of Eventuri intakes is their patent pending filter housing design which utilizes an inverted filter and has an extended airflow path to provide smoother flow and greater air velocity. Altogether this results in a intake that boasts real world performance backed by extensive testing and development, which you'll generally be able to find all the figures on thanks to their very open sharing of data and test results.

Eventuri Intake Air Flow Model
A New Standard

Not only is Eventuri raising the bar in terms of engineering and performance, they are utilizing the most advanced and high quality materials. Their filter housings are made out of beautiful twill weave carbon fiber which makes for a very sturdy but lightweight structure. Carbon fiber also does a better job of insulating the intake air from heat than normal metal or plastic tubes. Eventuri is even careful in selecting high quality and durable fasteners and couplers to ensure only the highest quality parts come with your intake. When you buy an Eventuri you get a beautiful high performance intake that is backed by some of the best testing and quality assurance in the industry.

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Eventuri Product Lines

Eventuri Carbon Fiber Intake Systems
Carbon Fiber Intake Systems

Intakes are one of the most popular upgrades for any modded vehicle. The power gains, induction sound, and visual appeal under the hood make Intakes an easy choice for most enthusiasts. By allowing your car/truck to breathe easier with an Eventuri intake, your engine does not have to work as hard, which does not just mean more power but also better MPG; over time the system will actually pay for itself.

Eventuri intakes are engineered and designed with only the most modern technology and techniques. These are easily those most advanced and beautiful intake systems on the market. The perfect addition for both performance minded and/or show focused enthusiasts.

Eventuri Carbon Fiber Styling Parts
Carbon Fiber Styling

Carbon Fiber Exterior Styling has become a staple in the aftermarket industry and even vehicle manufacturers have started using it. But what about the inside of your engine bay? A stunning presentation upon opening one's hood has always been a pride and joy for enthusiasts. If you've chosen a beautiful Eventuri Carbon Fiber Intake, wouldn't you like to keep that theme going?

The Eventuri Carbon Fiber Styling pieces are the perfect way to really finish off your engine bay and simply wow anyone lucky enough to gaze upon its splendor. Offered in several colors, these engine and panel covers will give your engine bay the continuity even the pickiest critic will appreciate.