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 German Manufacturer of High Performance Intercoolers

About Wagner Tuning

Wagner Tuning is known for one thing and one thing only. Seaking the maximum performance period. Every other manufacture we've worked with is happy enough simply mounting some brackets and generic end tanks to an intercooler and calling it 'complete'. Such trivial engineering simply is not acceptable at Wagner Tuning. Wagner always starts with an original OEM piece that they fully 3D scan and bench tests their baseline. What follows then is simply incredible, they test and optimize every piece of an intercoolers airflow and cooling performance; down to Computational Fluid Dynamics testing of airflow to guarantee every square inch of space is being used to properly cool the air while maintaining proper pressure throughout.

Best Possible Performance

Once an intercoolers design parameters are set (levels of flow vs OEM, mounting locations, etc) Wagners design engineers run through dozens of different internal fin structure and end-tank designs to guarantee proper cooling throughout the core. This level of care and technical design is unparalleled in the industry.

After an optimal fin structure is found, end-tank R&D can commence. Wagner Tuning is known to use air splitters and channels through the end tanks to re-direct incoming and outgoing air to fully charge all available space within the core. further optimizing not only the cooling efficiency, but reducing turbo spool times my maintaining boost pressure from end to end.

In House Manufacturing

All of Wagner Tuning Intercoolers are designed, tested, and fabricated all in-house; nothing is ever outsourced in order to maintain the highest levels of quality control. When you purchase a Wagner Tuning product, you're directly supporting the team of engineers, techs, and R&D professionals who pride themselves on their work.

Built by enthusiasts with an uncanny eye for quality and precision, for enthusiasts who appreciate simply nothing but the best. Trust in Wagner Tuning is by far the defining characteristic behind their products and brand as a whole.

Wagner Tuning Product Lines

Wagner Tuning Intercoolers

Built to perform like no other. The moment you see a Wagner Tuning intercooler next to a competitor, nothing simply compares. No rough edges, everything is a perfect beautiful fit and finish with unique tank and core structures to match.

If you want the best, you've come to the right place. If you're' looking for the ultimate OEM+ replacement product that wont cause any error codes or issues, look no further. If you're building a 1000hp race car with incredible power and thermal demands, look no further. Wagner Tuning is the solution.