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About Volk Wheels

RAYS introduced the VOLK Racing TE37 wheel in 1996, expanding forged alloy wheels into other markets. Across different racing platforms the wheels potential power made a real impact, including GT championships and F1 world championships.

RAYS continues to use the data gathered from F1 and other races in order to develop a light and effecient wheel. RAYS presence in the BMW car community continues to be noticeable among different vehicle models.

m4 m3 volk racing te37 bmw
Forged Technology

RAYS continous technological innivations has allowed them to be ahead of their comptetitors once it comes to high performance forged wheels. RAYS leads the market in Japan for forged wheels (Based on data published by JAWA on aluminum wheel sales). RAYS forged wheels has led racing drivers to have an advantage among their opponents by producing effecient designs and sizes required by many BMW owners.

RAYS 10,000-ton Forging machine increases its foreging ratio in a single pressing. This machine allows RAYS to increase its production effeciency for high-quality wheels.

volk racing TE37 forged technology
Analytical Technology

RAYS combines both manufacturing and analytical technology in order to produce quality aluminum wheels. RAYS strongly focuses on analytical data gathered from F1 and everyday car racing, making wheels more effective than ever before.

The various amount of data gathered from the development of racing wheels is analyzed and used towards the development of street wheels for BMW owners. The analytical data gathered is also emphasize on decreasing wheel weight as well as safety. Lastly, the data gathered also influences the designing process in which RAYS wheels are developed.

volk racing TE37 design
RAYS: The concept is racing.

RAYS involvement in the highest-level of racing such as the GT1 World Championships, F1 and other professional racing levels has allowed them to expand beyond their limits. RAYS success in Japan alone enable them to expand in other car races in both the United States and Europe.

Technology plays a crucial part in the development of their innovative products intended to benefit BMW owners. The data gathered by previous experience allows them to test computer generated figures with maximum confience and quality. RAYS production development continues to be supported both by high-level competitions and on road customer satisfaction.