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- Tire Mounting and Balancing -

Wheel and Tire Packages shipped directly to you, ready to install!

ModBargains specialists use the state of the art Hunter Revolution Tire Mounting Machine and Hunter Road Force Elite Balancing Machine to safely mount each tire we sell on each set of wheels ordered. This process is very important in increasing the comfort and performance of your wheel and tire package. This specialty equipment is used rather than older out of date equipment found at the average tire shop in order to eliminate damage to wheels and tire beads which will make your vehicle drive more enjoyable.

Many tire problems can easily be solved by using The Hunter Road Force Elite, this is a state of an art machine that eliminates complaints due to Wheel Balance, Tire Runout, Rim Runout, Mounting Error and Tire Force Variation. The Hunter's Road Force Elite is both a balancer and a vibration control system. This tool approximates the low point to the wheel and the high point of the tire which will minimize the contribution to the vibration from the tire/wheel assembly.

Key Benefits Summary:

  • Road Forced Balaning: State of the art tire balancing that offers that best results in performance and comfort.
  • Easy Install: Because the wheel and tire package comes mounted and balanced you can easily install yourself at home or local shop.
  • Pre-Installed TPMS: Most modern cars come with TPMS Sensors. Removing the factory ones costs more in time/labor to switch to your new wheels. Save time and money and have a new set pre-installed by ModBargains.
  • Less risk of damage: State of the art mounting system insures your wheels won't be damaged while the tires are mounted. They are then packaged with the utmost care so they arrive to you in perfect condition.
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We pride ourselves on providing our clients with quality products. Every product including our wheel and tire packages is closely inspected by our quality control specialists for damage and scratches before it is shipped out to our clients.

A report print out of your road force balancing is included with every wheel and tire package.

We ship thousands of sets of Wheels and Tires every year. We have an extremely thorough process for packaging wheel and tire sets. This greatly reduces the risk of damage to your wheels before they arrive on your door step. We also offer TPMS systems so you can easily install your wheel and tire package the second it arrives. This makes installing your wheels and tires extermely convenient and you can have confidence knowing that your wheels and tires perfectly mounted and balanced with compatible TPMS sensors for your vehicle.