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Michelin from ModBargains

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ModBargains is an authorized dealer of Michelin

 125 Year of Improving Mobility

About Michelin

Michelin Tires are considered by most to be the best Tires in the world. We at ModBargains have sold countless sets of Michelin Pilot series tires and clients absolutely love them. We proudly stock 100's of Michelin tires and give them our top recommendation.

Michelin Tires excel in traction, handling, comfort, and durability. Tires have the largest impact on the performance of your vehicle because they are your connection to the road. Any upgrades to power and handling are only as effective as your tires, so make sure you choose wisely.

From Track to Street

Michelin has had a winning presence on the racetrack for over 125 years with partners like Porsche, BMW and Audi. In fact, some of our engineers are more present there than at Michelin!

It’s not just that we love racing. It’s also that many innovations are discovered and tested there – in the most extreme conditions.

These innovations are passed on to your tires, to give you a winning experience on every trip. Our Competition and Technology Center teams work hand-in-hand. They speak the same language; they share the same passion; what’s more, they share what they learned as soon as a race is completed.

Total Performance

When shopping for tires, we all know there are some key characteristics that factor into our decision of what brand and model to choose. For the enthusiast, they key characteristics tend to be Grip and Handling as we are performance oriented drivers that want the most out of our vehicles. Now that doesn't mean the other characteristics don't factor in right? Longevity, durability, fuel efficieny, and comfort are all nice things to have as long as we are getting the performance we want.

With Michelin Tires, you know you are getting the best performance tires in the world, while also being amoung the most durable and efficient. That means less down time replacing tires, and less money on new tires. Fuel Efficiency means more money for other fun things (like more car parts).

In stock and ready

At ModBargains we stock hundreds of Michelin Tires in the most popular sizes for performance vehicles. That means when you order a set of tires or a wheel and tire package there is less waiting.

Our two best selling Michelin tires, the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S (PS4S) and Pilot Super Sport (PSS) make up the majority of our Michelin inventory. We highly recommend both tires for their balance of Performance, Durability, and comfort. We stand behind the product we recommmend and can say that the Michelin Pilot series does not disappoint. If you have any questions feel free to contact us via chat or call 714-582-3330


All Michelin Tires come with a 6 Year (or life of the original tread) Limited Warranty for Workmanship and Materials. Depending on tread left on remaining when warranty claim is filed, Michelin will either replace the tire with the same or newer version, or pro-rate a set of tires for replacement (click here to see all details).

Our two best selling tires, the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S (PS4S) and Pilot Super Sport (PSS) are covered by a 30k Mile Limited Warranty. If the PS4S or PSS wears out evenly before delivery the warranted mileage, Michelin will offer a prorated replacement based on the mileage difference (click here to see all details).