Shark Injector 02-06 Mini Cooper S

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Adjusting your Mini Cooper's fuel and ignition data is one of the easiest, and most cost effective ways to boost the power output of your R53 Mini Cooper S. The Shark injector is dyno proven to increase your car's horsepower and torque throughout the entire RPM range. It is also compatible with other power upgrades such as; pulley kits, intake systems, and exhaust systems, so their is no need to re-tune after every new modification. For any reason you decide you want the settings returned to stock this can easily be done. Upgrade the power of your Mini Cooper S with A Shark Injector.

Shark Injector Benefits
  • Increase in horsepower and torque
  • Compatible with other modifications
  • Removal of top speed limiter
  • Optimized fuel to air ratio
  • Return to stock at anytime
  • Easy to use and install


  • 2002-2006 Mini Cooper S

With the Shark Injector you have to option to choose between 91 octane or 93 octane. Please choose your octane level according to the octane available in your area.

NOTE:  Performing this software update requires the use of a 10 amp (or greater) battery charger. If you do not have an adequate charger, we carry one, for your convenience.

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