Rogue Engineering Transmission Mounts for 1989-2006 BMW [E34/E36/E46/E39]

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Stock transmission mounts actually decrease the power you are getting to the ground by allowing the transmission to sway and shift. With a set of Rogue Engineering transmission mounts, this problem is fixed. Giving you more usable power and a smoother acceleration as well as shifting. For such a simple product, Rogue Engineering sure did take their time designing these transmission mounts in order to get the most efficient mount possible.


  • All E34

  • All E36 including M3

  • All E46 including E46 M3

  • All Z3s include M Roadster/M Coupe

  • All Z8s

  • All E39 including M5s

  • All Z4s

Application Note: Transmission mounts are NOT required or necessary for vehicles equipped with automatic or SMG transmissions.


  • Professional installation recommended

What is a transmission mount do?

  • Helps stabilize the transmission under vehicle load allowing the shifter to engage into gear properly

  • Isolates vibration from the drivetrain to the chassis

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