Rogue Engineering BMW Short Shifter Kits for 1989-2010 BMW [E30/E36/E39/E46/E60/E63/E9X]

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Rogue Engineering has come through again with their new Octane Short Shift Kits.  Rogue Engineering's long hours and advanced engineers paid off, creating one of the smoothest and most advanced short shift kits available.  Using simple designs and new technology to create a short shifter that will out perform your stock shifter in every aspect, truly putting the BMW engineers to shame.  So if you are tired of sloppy and unresponsive shifting, upgrade it to the Rogue Engineering Octane Short Shift Kit!

The Rogue Engineering OCTANE short shifter represents years of experience and research in BMW short shifting products.  With feedback from thousands of users and the measuring of countless prototypes, OCTANE is the culmination of a tremendous amount of research and development.  This R&D is a continual process and does not stop.

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Rogue Engineering idea of a short shift kit is not substituting levers in place of factory ones just because ""they fit"".  Throughout the 80s until recently, BMW was notorious for using only a few specific shifter levers for their manual transmission vehicles.  For other companies, making just a few ""replacement levers"" and offering them in place of those factory part numbers was an easy way of calling it a short shift kit.  Unfortunately, for those companies, BMW started using many different part numbers making it more difficult to just ""swap in a lever"".

Rogue Engineering only develops it's short shift kit with test vehicles in their facility, testing numerous prototypes, offering others to test it before settling on it's final design.  We feel that this old school, real world testing is the best way when modifying OEM ergonomic, sensory-based controls.

Customer Testimonial

Wow! This is all I can say, I ordered a Rogue Engineering Short Shift Kit for my E90 335i and it is a 100 times better then oem.  Shifting is smooth as butter and never any notchiness.  A definite two thumbs up! I would recommend it to everyone.

Kevin W. 

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To appreciate the specific advantages of the OCTANE short shifter lever, one must understand the details that make it unique to all others, the heart of the OCTANE short shift kit.

To view more technical information on these Rogue Engineering Short Shift Kits please check out the tabs above ^^^

Vehicle Applications

 Vehicle SSK Part Number
E30 M3 Only Rogue OCTANE SSK OCT_E30_M3
E36 M3 Euro 6-spd 2 Rogue OCTANE SSK OCT_E36_420
E39 540 Rogue OCTANE SSK OCT_E39_420
E39 M5 Rogue OCTANE SSK OCT_E39_M5
E46 323/325 (not Xi)   Rogue OCTANE SSK OCT_E46_250
E46 328/330 5-spd (not Xi)   Rogue OCTANE SSK OCT_E46_320
E46 330i/Ci/ZHP 6-spd Rogue OCTANE SSK OCT_E46_GS6
E46 M3 CNC Version 2 Rogue OCTANE SSK OCT_E46_420_CNC
E60 545i/550i 6-speed Rogue OCTANE SSK OCT_E60_N62
E63 645/650 Rogue OCTANE SSK OCT_E63_645

***Note:  More SSK's from Rogue Engineering are available, for more fitments or and concerns please call us at 714-528-3330

Easy Installation
The Rogue Engineering OCTANE WSR is easy to install, even for the novice mechanic.  Since the OCTANE WSR is included with most OCTANE SSK, you simply install it when you install the OCTANE SSK!  There is no ""universal"" WSR since each is engineered for specific applications.

The Rogue Engineering OCTANE short shift kit comes complete with all necessary parts for a professional or do-it-yourself install.  Installation times will vary with experience and available resources (access to the underside of the vehicle is required.

Parts that are included with the kit are:

  • Rogue Engineering OCTANE Short Shifter Lever
  • Rogue Engineering OCTANE Weighted Selector Rod (not all models)
  • Rogue Engineering Shifter Carrier with Pivot Relocation Adapter (not all models)
  • Rogue Engineering Delrin Carrier Bushings (not all models)
  • Factory replacement washers, clips and grease
  • Factory replacement carrier pin (not all models)
  • Fully detailed installation directions

Please note that our OCTANE short shift kits are complete kits.  All OCTANE short shift kits include OCTANE specific WSRs (which are different from our factory replacement versions) unless otherwise noted.  There are no additional bushings or bearings to buy to inflate an artificially low price point.  The prices below reflect a kit with all required parts from our research at Rogue Engineering.

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