Rogue Engineering Racebrace Strut Brace for 1999-06 BMW 3-Series/M3 [E46] (RE-STB-E46-R)

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Upgrade your E46's handling on and off the track with the addition of a Rogue Engineering Racebrace Strut Tower Brace. The Racebrace features lightweight tubular steel bars and is 100% TIG welded to high strength steel plates and is powdercoated black for a durable finish and aggressive look. The bar is also easy to install and uninstall, and only takes minutes with simple hand tools. Additionally adjustments to camber/caster plates can be made without removal of the bar.

NOTE: Does NOT fit E46 M3 Convertible.

Features & Benefits

  • 100% TIG welded & powdercoated black
  • The multiple bar configuration resists bending and twisting in multiple planes
  • Fits all 6 Cylinder E46s & M3
  • Open tower design allows for easy access to adjust camber plates and shock adjustments
  • Weighs only 6 Lbs., designed to withstand heavy track use


  • 1999-2006 E46 6 Cylinder Including M3

Who can benefit from a strut bar?
For those that may believe a strut bar is only for ""track cars"" or ""racecars"", it is also street driven vehicles that benefit from a properly engineered strut tower bar.  Whereas anyone can appreciate the ability for a front suspension to remain constant at all times, other benefits include support of the factory strut towers from ""mushrooming"".  These generally occurs if the vehicle hits large potholes, causing the suspension to compress completely, and then damaging the rim.  However, its not only the rim that takes the hit, but the shock tower as well.  Over time, if left unprotected, it can cause expensive sheet metal damage.

What is a Strut Bar?
A strut bar is used to reduce the amount of flex in the vehicle's strut towers. The reason for this is that under hard cornering, the strut assembly is pulled laterally at the top of the strut. This causes damage in the chassis over time and may result in problems with your suspension. A strut brace helps prevent this potential damage and adds a firmer feel to your ride as well as better turn-in response.

Installation & FAQs

  • The RACEBRACE is designed with aftermarket, adjustable camber plates in mind.  For those using stock strut mounts, modified by removing the alignment pin and adjusting the suspension, the Racebrace has been designed to have its plates in the factory center position.  For those looking for to use our E46 Racebrace and a little more camber on the street, use of fixed camber plates will allow both to be accomplished.
  • Installation for those with stock strut mounts is a matter of minutes. A typical install for an E46 is less than 10 minutes with hand tools.

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