HKS Legamax Cat-Back Exhaust for 2007-2013 BMW 335i [E90/E92] (31013-BG001/31013-BG002)

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Upgrade your restrictive stock exhaust system to this one of a kind hand built HKS 335i Exhaust System Full Stainless Steel.  HKS is known around the world as one of the most respected import car performance parts manufacturers.  Now they are bringing their custom fabrication and flawless quality to the BMW scene, by creating a new line of premium full cat-back performance exhausts.  They have been in this business for over 35 years and have perfected their art to create pure performance gains on all their applications. 



HKS 335i Exhaust System Full Stainless Steel

HKS Performance

HKS made sure that every aspect of this exhaust was addressed to make sure their system works harmoniously with the engine in the 335i, to guarantee every ounce of horsepower will be released across the entire rpm range.  This HKS system is Dynoproven 13 HP increase at the crank beating out the competition for the outright most power than any other aftermarket exhaust.  HKS designed this exhaust with a ""H-Pipe"" to not only give you an amazing deep tone but also to optimize flow and back pressure.  HKS has made the exhaust to create the perfect amount of back pressure to make sure the turbos are able to spin freely.  Each piece of pipe is mandrel bent to maximize the flow of exhaust gasses and allow your 335i to breath easier then it ever has before.



HKS Build Quality

HKS is known for their quality and custom made performance products, so its only natural that they bring that quality to BMW with their all new stainless steel 335i exhaust system.  This exhaust system is truly one of a kind, with its years of development and testing, this exhaust gives a whole new meaning to craftsmanship. HKS hand welds each exhaust system to guarantee a perfect fitting, flawless looking exhaust system that will look just as good as it sounds.  It is made out of 100% 304 65mm diameter stainless steel, which includes: mid-pipes, connector tubes, dual mufflers, and 97mm burned titanium tips. HKS also added a strong anti-flex plate to keep the exhaust in proper alignment as is grows and contracts with heat. The dual mufflers utilize micro-fiber mesh sheet wrapping alone the inside of the mufflers to eliminating the risk of blowing out your packing under extreme driving conditions. HKS has also incorporated a patented H pipe design into the mid-pipe of the 335i exhaust.  This H pipe addresses problems most manufacturers do not; it does not only add to HKS 335i exhaust's unique sound, but also balances pipe pressure for perfect back pressure and performance.



HKS 335i Exhaust System Full Stainless Steel HKS 335i Exhaust System Full Stainless Steel
HKS 335i E92 Exhaust w/ Titanium Tips Close up HKS 335i E92 Exhaust w/ Titanium Tips

HKS Technical Info

The HKS Full Exhaust System is a straight bolt on system, and comes with all necessary hardware to install it yourself.  Which means there is no need for cutting, welding or any kind of modifications.  HKS engineered this system to only be 95dbs, to make sure it will comply with California's strict noise limit laws.  Which means with the built in CAT's this system is legal in all 50 states, with still the performance of a true race system.  It is made 100% in Japan, and designed to precise specifications for perfect fitment.

NOTE: Tips only come in a blued/burned titanium finish



Grass Roots Motorsports

Grass Roots Motorsports has recently held an all out exhaust comparison for the 335i.  They test such popular brands as Supersprint, UUC Corsa, Borla, Autobahn and of coarse HKS.  HKS coming out on top with over all most horsepower gains, and an amazing 61 lbs, 17 lbs off stock.

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  • 100% stainless steel
  • 4 year warranty
  • Made in Japan
  • 13 HP gain
  • ""H Pipe"" Design
  • Straight bolt on
  • Complies with 95db sound limit
  • 97mm Blued Titanium Tips



  • 2007-2011 BMW E90 335i Part # (31013-BG002)
  • 2007-2013 BMW E92 335i Part # (31013-BG001)
HKS 335i Exhaust System Full Stainless Steel
  HKS 335i E90 Exhaust w/ Titanium Tips

HKS 335i Exhaust System Full Stainless Steel


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