Forge Motorsport Intake Pressure Compensation Valve for 2013+ Ford Fiesta ST/Focus ST (FMIPCV)

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The Forge Motorsport Intake Pressure Compensation Valve for the Ford Focus ST and Fiesta ST

Hopefully you are familiar with what a blow-off valve or dump valve does.  But if not, here's a quick recap:  Blow off/Dump valves release pressure before the throttle body after going WOT (wide open throttle).  See, when going WOT, your turbo is creating boost, but when you let of the throttle, there is still some boost left before the throttle body, and the pressure needs to be released   Typically, a blow off/dump valve will either vent this extra pressure to the atmosphere, or back into the intake.  This works great, but frequently the spring or diagram inside the factory release valve is weak to deal with the stock boost pressures.  This allows the valve to hold boost, and open/release quickly when needed.  The downside is that the factory valve will become almost useless on a tuned, high boosted or modified car since the lack of resistance cannot keep the valve tight and leak free as boost pressure increases.

For many years, tuners were simply installing stiffer springs in their blow off/release valves.  The issue with this, is that although it holds marginally better, the stiffer spring prevents the valve from operating as freely and quickly as it needs.  This also brings up another problem-throttle mapping.  Many cars have switchable throttle maps, allowing you to switch between different tunes running different boost.  Switching maps is super simple, especially with the Cobb Access Port for Focus/Fiesta ST but its not nearly as easy to swap out springs for your release valve.  You had to make a choice, perfect operation for high boost, but not low or perfect operation for low boost but not high-either way you lose since it has to work as a jack of all trades but master of none.

Forge Motorsport wanted to work on a better solution, and they came up with the Intake Pressure Compensation Valve (or IPCV for short) and it works amazingly well.

What makes the IPCV valve so great is that it re-routes various high and low pressure feeds through a clever internal piston system to create something that works incredibly well.  By utilizing such a simple and well thought out design, you can rely on a spring that works perfectly under any amount of boost-whether your car is stock or modified.

So, if you want to know that your valve is always perfectly matched to your engine at all times, under all conditions without any spring changing or adjustment, install the Forge IPCV.


Forge Motorsport Blow Off Adapter Includes
  • FMIPCV Valve
  • Over 75ft of 5mm Vacuum Hose
  • Flat Bracket
  • Bent Bracket
  • 5mm T Piece
  • 6mm T Piece
  • 6mm Joiner
  • M6 Penny Washer
  • M8 Penny Washer
  • 3 Alternative Vacuum Ports
  • M4x6 Socket Cap Screws
  • Instructions
  • Forge Motorsports


  • 2013+ Ford Fiesta ST
  • 2013+ Ford Focus ST


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