Forge Motorsports Atmospheric Dump Valve for 2013+ Ford Fiesta ST [ST180 Mk7] (FMDVST180A)

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Atmospheric Dump Valve for Ford Fiesta ST 180 Mk7
  • Show everyone that your 1.6 liter engine has some real punch with a pronounced turbo WHOOSH!
  • Planning on some power upgrades? No worries, this blow off valve has been proven to handle substantially higher power applications
  • Highlight your Fiesta ST's hot hatch heritage by adding some increased acceleration and better throttle response


  • Completely replaces OEM unit with pressure/vacuum operated piston valve

  • Direct OEM fitment, no CEL or fault codes

  • Billet alloy construction with all hardware necessary included


  • 2013+ Ford Fiesta ST [ST180 Mk7]

Are you tired of people giving you crap for having a 1.6 liter engine even though you know that it can still put out some serious grunt? At around 180hp, the lightweight Fiesta ST can still put down some blistering times, but a lot of people don't get that about hot hatches. Show them that your car means business with this amazing Forge Motorsports Atmospheric Dump Valve, more commonly known as a blow-off valve or BOV. A BOV is what's responsible for that iconic turbo WHOOSH that you hear rally cars and high performance turbo beasts making each time they lift off the accelerator or change gears.

Now it's not all for theatrics, a blow-off valve actually accomplishes a very important task of regulating turbo pressures and preventing a compressor surge (when you let go of the gas pedal, the throttle body closes and all of this turbo pressure has nowhere to go). Venting the pressure helps preserve your turbo's bearings and shaft while also reducing lag and improving throttle response. Forge Motorsport's BOV accomplishes all this while presenting a very attractive design with a billet alloy construction and substantially improved durability to handle much higher power levels.

Quit living in the shadow of big V8s and show them what you can really do!

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