Evolution Racewerks Charge Pipes for 2012-16 N20 BMW 328i/428i/228i [F22/F30/F32] Black BM-ICP006B

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Evolution Racewerks Charge Pipes for 2012+ N20 BMW 328i/428i/228i [F22/F30/F32]

Evolution Racewerks Chargepipes for BMW F30 328i, F32 428i & F22 228i (N20)


  • Increase throttle response and decrease turbo lag for Faster Acceleration
  • Replaces brittle factory plastic charge pipe that is often breaks under high boost
  • Throttle body matched 2.75"" piping
  • Includes two 1/8"" NPT Bungs (comes pre-capped) - For methanol injection or as a boost source
  • Eliminates Potential Boost Leaks
  • Thermal Resistant Black Anodized Coating Adds Durability & Stealthy Look


  • 2012-16 BMW 328i [F30/F31]
  • 2013-16 BMW 428i [F32/F33]
  • 2014-16 BMW 228i [F22/F23]

Evolution Racewerks is proud to introduce the very first chargepipe out for the F30 328i!  The stock chargepipe on your  N20 engine is the most restrictive part of the intake system.  Turbocharged engines are sensitive to restrictions, robbing horsepower and torque.  The major culprit of the huge restriction is the factory chargepipe; forming a slower flow of old air into the motor.

By replacing the factory chargepipe with this new Evolution Racewerks Chargepipe, all the restriction is released! Dyno testing has shown that these chargepipes give you extremely significant increases in horsepower and and even more significant torque to the wheels.  While peak horsepower is nice, for dyno charts, what's more important is the power curve. If you look at the dyno charts, torque hits MUCH earlier and harder. The torque curve is BROADER throughout the RPM band. More usable power. This equates to faster turbo spool up (less turbocharger lag) and better throttle response. You will feel the difference instantly.

If you have any questions about this Evolution Racewerks N20 Charge Pipe please give us a call at 714-582-3330


Meth Bung

Evolution Racewerks has added 1/8"" NPT threaded bung (for methanol or nos injectors) to their charge pipes.This allows for quick and easy installation of methanol/nitrous injectors that are used in methanol injection systems and nitrous systems. Each charge pipe comes with 2 meth bungs. Each 1/8"" NPT bung will come with a plug so that you can run with or without the methanol injector. Also, the 1/8"" NPT bung can be used as a boost source to connect your boost gauge or other devices to.

Complete Your Charge Pipe Upgrade with an ER Turbo to Intercooler Charge Pipe (TIC)

Evolution Racewerks TIC Charge Pipe for 2012+ N20 BMW 328i/428i/228i [F30/F32/F22] BM-ICP006TIC

Key Features:

  • Increase throttle response and decreases turbo lag

  • Lightweight High Grade 6061 Aluminum Piping

  • Intercooler Inlet matched 2.5"" piping

  • Optional Type III Hard Black Anodizing (for stealth and OEM look).  Hard anodizing helps improve durability of intercooler piping - Resists bent or dented piping

  • Includes all hardware for complete installation

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

If you have any questions about this Evolution Racewerks F30 N20 Chargepipe please give us a call at 714-582-3330

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