034 Motorsport Billet Aluminum B9 Rear Subframe Inserts for 2017+ Audi A4-RS5

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034Motorsport Billet Rear Subframe Inserts for Audi B9 Vehicles 034-601-0046
  • Feel more confident when launching from a stop
  • No more vauge rear end as you carve corners in the back roads
  • Stops the annoying clunks and creaks you hear going over bumps at low speeds


  • T6-6061 Billet Aluminum
  • CNC-Machined in USA
  • Clear Anodized Durable Finish


  • 2017+ Audi A4-S4 B9
  • 2017+ Audi A5-S5 B9
  • 2017+ Audi Allroad B9

Install Guide Here

Ever notice that weird sqeeking or knocking noise coming from your rear end? Chances are its your factory rubber rear subframe bushings wearing out causing excessive flex and deflection. 034Motorsports billet rear inserts fill the voids found in your OEM mounts locking your rear subframe in place. This reduces any unwated NVH in the cabbin while refining your cornering ability, especailly when pushing your handling to the limit. Unlike Polyurethane insert options that can wear out over time and need to be replaced, 034Motorsport's billet inserts will never fail and are guarenteed for the lifetime of your vehicle.

034Motorsport Billet Rear Subframe Inserts Installed on Audi B9 S4

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