Wagner Tuning Competition Intercooler for 2013-2016 Fiesta ST [ST180/JA8/MK 7.5] 200001070

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Wagner Tuning Competition Intercooler for 2013-2016 Fiesta ST EcoBoost 200001070


  • Experience massive power gains that will make your ST faster then all your friends (Drops Intake Temps by over 70F)

  • Laugh at other ST owners with cheaper competitive brands with the confidence that a proper German engineered Tube-Fin Intercooler provides.

  • Unlock the door to even higher performance levels by having an ultra high efficient intercooler capable of handling higher boost levels in the future.

  • Core Size (670mm x270mm x70mm)
  • Tube Fin Design
  • 100% Greater Frontal Area vs OEM
  • 113% Greater Volume vs OEM
  • Anti-Corrosion Coating

The Wagner Tuning Competition Intercooler is simply the highest performing intercooler in the industry today. With 100% larger cooling surface area and 113% greater volume VS the OEM part, you can experience significant real world gains of power and response and a documented 70F drop in Intake Temps. All this while being a 100% drop in replacement with no need to modify existing mounts or charge piping.

ford f-150 ecoboost evo intercooler

Wagner's German engineers only use the highest quality components and Computational Fluid Dynamic benchmarking to optimize efficiency and maximum power gains. Their front mount intercooler with much larger with more efficient fin-tube intercooler core and improved the end tank designs to removing all the OEM bottlenecks. This results in greater in flow and charge cooling properties.

Fiesta ecoboost comp intercooler tempurature vs OEM intercooler


  • Competition Intercooler Core: 670mm x 270mm x 70mm Core Design (9,600 cm³)
    OEM Intercooler Core: 690mm x 130mm x 50mm Core Design (4,500 cm³)
  • 100% Surface Area Increase over OEM
  • 30-70F drop in intake temps vs OEM
  • Corrosion Resistant Black Finish
  • OEM-like Fit For Simple & Straightforward Installation


  • Ford Fiesta EcoBoost 1.6L Turbo 2013-2016 (20001070)

ford fiesta ecoboost Comp intercooler detail 1


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