Tire Stickers for Continental Tires

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Continental Tire Stickers - Continental Logo
  • Raised white lettering Continental logo adds a lot of contrast to your otherwise dull black tires, definitely making them stand out more
  • Highly durable rubber construction and high strength adhesive will last the lifetime of your tires
  • Helps put that key finishing touch on your build and styling


  • 2 Stickers per tire; one brand logo sticker, one tire model sticker

  • Raised rubber lettering

  • High strength FleXement application adhesive

  • Sized specifically for your your tire size


  • Continental Extreme Contact DWS Tires (Various Sizes)

If you feel like there's just something missing from your build, take a quick look at your tires. Plain and boring black on black rubber makes for little contrast, especially when compared to a set of nice wheels. Every car on the road will have the same boring looking tires and even if you have true performance rubber on your wheels, no one will know!

Tire Stickers are the solution. With slick, raised white lettering, your Continental tires are sure to stand out! You can achieve that trademark racecar look while having the peace of mind that these ""stickers"" are in for the long haul. These are permanent stickers and should last for the lifetime of your tires(60,000+ miles!) under daily driving conditions.

Do your tires a favor and dress them up a bit! They keep you safe on the road, might as well reward them with some style.

*Avoid using tire shine on lettering as this will stain the stickers beyond repair

Continental Tire Stickers - Continental Logo 2
Continental Tire Stickers - Extreme Contact Logo Continental Tire Stickers - Extreme Contage Logo 2

Please contact us if you have questions about the Continental Tire Stickers for various Continental Tire sizes!
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