Nitto NT05R Tires (DOT Competition/Drag)

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Nitto NT05R DOT Competition/Drag Tires

  • When 0-60 and Quarter-Mile times matter most. Nothing beats a drag radial.
  • Sticky enough to break axles, UTQG:00 should be all you need to know these tires mean serious business
  • Get going in no time at all, this is a 100% drag racing focused tread and compound

  • Competition Performance Huge center rip for continuous dry traction contact
  • High-Speed Stability High-Modulus bead filler and huge sholder blocks
  • Specialized Race Compound New drag racing specific compound specifically for straight line traction from a dead stop
  • A Perfect Pair NT05s were developed along-side the NT05R Drag Radials for the perfect RWD track tire combo

Traction: B
Temperature: B

  • 17"" - 20""
Here's to the crazy ones, the miss-fits and the rebels. When you square up against the competition at the drag strip, anyone who sees these NT05R tires on your rear wheels will instantly know you mean business. These ain't your summer tires, or even your Max Performance track tires. NT05Rs are full blown DOT Competition & Drag tires. Tread life, what tread life? Try 00. But that means these are sticky as hell, anything more and these tires would need to have claws on them.


If you feel that you cannot properly perform this installation, we HIGHLY recommend you bring in your vehicle and let one of our technicians do the install.
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