Stainless Works Dual Turbo Exhaust for 2009-14 Cadillac CTS-V

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  • Transforms the Sound of your CTS-V from boring ""Grandpa's Caddy"" quiet into the Badass Growl of a Muscle-Sedan

  • Blow Other CTS-V's away at the light with a whalloping +25 WHP/+26 WTQ Gain That'll Sink Your Butt Into The Seat

  • Turn Heads Wherever You Go With a Great Muscle-Car Growl

  • Purrs Like a Wildcat at Idle with Rich, Pleasant Burble

  • Though It's Loud Outside, Inside The CTS-V, No Drone for Comfortable Highway Cruising - Try That with any other Exhaust

  • Visually Spices Up Your CTS-V's Rear End with Bold, Handsome Exhaust Tips


Model Body Style Connection Type Part Number
CTS-V 2009+ Coupe Factory CTSV09CPCB
CTS-V 2009+ Coupe Performance CTSV09CPCBHDR
CTS-V 2009+ Sedan Factory CTSV09CB
CTS-V 2009+ Sedan Performance CTSV09CBHDR
CTS-V 2009+ Wagon Factory CTSV09WGCB
CTS-V 2009+ Wagon Performance CTSV09WGCBHDR

EIBACH SPRINGS REVIEW by ModBargains CEO/Founder Mike Brown:

""I chose Stainless Works for my own personal car and am glad I did so! After having it on my 2012 Cadillac CTS-V for nearly three years, I still love the way my car sounds every time I start the engine. As soon as that ignition turns, the car comes to life and everyone knows it-- because of the way the Stainless Works system makes the car sound. The initial roar of the exhaust at startup causes anyone within 100 feet to turn around and look at my car, in a ""wow that sounded great, what car was that?"" kind of way not the ""that sounded like a piece of crap"" kind of way that cheaper, non-vehicle-specific-tuned exhaust systems make people cringe. With Stainless Works, you know you are going to make your car louder while maintaining a clean sound as well.

At full throttle, the exhaust sounds amazing, like a true V8. I haven't heard my car personally at full throttle from the outside very often (since I'm the one mashing down that accelerator pedal inside the car), but I have received HUNDREDS of compliments at car shows, at my shop from customers, and from strangers on the street that heard my car. I can't tell you how many times I have pulled through a fast food drive thru (I know, bad for my health) and the 17 year old kid in the drive through window leans halfway out to get a better listen and says ""OMG your car sounds so sick!!"". If my car still had the boring stock exhaust on it, they wouldn't even notice. Many of them beg me to loop back by them at full throttle so they can hear my car in all its glory, and I'm happy to oblige.

My car does not drone with this system. I have never had anyone complain to me about noise inside the car, in fact most of my fellow enthusiasts comment that it's remarkably smooth and quiet inside the cabin at cruising speeds. This is important to me to have a good interior cabin experience, because I have passengers inside my car on a regular basis and I personally don't want to get a headache from loud interior cabin sound.


The exhaust tips look great on the back, since they are larger than the stock tips. This gives my car an aggressive appearance from the backside, and all of us car enthusiasts can appreciate a great ass, right? Add in the performance gains from this exhaust system, and you can see why I am very happy I chose Stainless Works for my own personal car, and you should too.""

-Mike Brown, Co-Founder / CEO & CTS-V Owner/Enthusiast

Cadillac_CTS-V_09-14_Stainless_Works_Exhaust (3)


Add Some Rumble to your 2009+ CTS-V with the Stainless Works 3"" Dual Turbo Exhaust

Dual Turbo Exhaust fro Cadillac CTS-V by Stainless Works

Made from high quality 304L stainless steel, the Stainless Works 3"" Dual Turbo Exhaust system improves sound, mpg, and performance. With the choice of factory or performance (connects to Stainless Works Headers System) connection types, this set up is sure to fit your needs. Dual Turbo mufflers provide the deep, but not overly aggressive rumble, while an X-Pipe connector helps torque levels spread out over rpms. The tips are slash-cut conical double-walled tips, providing a nice look and sound out of your CTS-V. Combined with the Stainless Works Performance Connect Headers, you can see an increase of 25hp and 26tq!

Order online, or call today to add some rumble to your CTS-V! 714-582-3330

The Dual Turbo Exhaust system by Stainless Works

Stainless Works Slash Cut Tips

Undercar view of Stainless Works Exhaust

Stainless Works X-Pipe

Slash Cut, Conical Double Walled Tips

Choose Factory or Performance Connect

X-Pipe Helps with Scavenging

Factory Connect v.s. Performance Connect

An effective exhaust system is heavily dependent upon airflow. The Factory Connection System attaches to your factory CTS-V Headers, for ease of installation. The downside to this is that there is a necking down, or a decrease in the diameter, in order to attach to the factory headers. The Performance Connection attaches to Stainless Works Headers and does not neck down, maintaining a consistent diameter throughout which increases airflow and power.

Muffler and Tip Style

Stainless Works Turbo Chambered Muffler System Stainless Works Double Walled Slash Cut Tips

The Turbo Chambered Muffler provides deep rumble while not being annoying or overly aggressive.

Slash Cut Exhaust Tips are Mirror Walled, and add great sound.

Installed Photos

Cadillac_CTS-V_09-14_Stainless_Works_Exhaust (4)

Cadillac_CTS-V_Stainless_Works_Exhaust_MIKE (2)

Cadillac-CTS-V-Stainless-Works-Exhaust (5)

Cadillac_CTS-V_09-14_Stainless_Works_Exhaust (2)

Cadillac-CTS-V-Stainless-Works-Exhaust (2)

Cadillac-CTS-V-Stainless-Works-Exhaust (1)

Cadillac-CTS-V-Stainless-Works-Exhaust (3)

Cadillac-CTS-V-Stainless-Works-Exhaust (4)

Cadillac_CTS-V_09-14_Stainless_Works_Exhaust (5)

Cadillac CTS-V (27)


Cadillac CTS-V (8)

Cadillac CTS-V (27)





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