Stainless Works Dual Turbo Chambered Exhaust CTS-V 2004-07

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Get some deep aggressive sound for your 2004-07 Cadillac CTS-V with this 3"" Stainless Works Exhaust

If you're looking to get some deep, hot-rod tones out of your Cadillac CTS-V, then the 3"" Stainless Works Exhaust set up is what you need. Available in either the factory or performance connection types, this exhaust set up is made of high quality 304L stainless steel, and is bent using the latest CNC Mandrel Bending techniques to ensure maximum airflow. Dual Chambered mufflers provide that deep rumble and the Slash Cut 4"" polished tips exiting out the back bumper on each side add the style to your CTS-V.

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Stainless Works Dual Turbo Chambered Exhaust for 2004-07 CTS-V

Performance Connect or Factory Connect?

Stainless Works provides two different types of connections for your 2004-07 CTS-V exhaust, the Performance Connection or the Factory Connection. The Performance Connection is a set up made to connect to Stainless Works Headers. The Performance Connection provides maximum performance and airflow by not necking down where the connection happens, as most factory set ups do. This Performance Connect for the 2004-07 CTS-V includes options for either Off-Road Pipes or a High Flow Catalytic Converter as emission controls, and it comes with an X-Pipe crossover style.

The Factory Connection provides ease of installation, by connecting directly to the factory manifolds. Slip joint connectors make sure there are no leaks in the 304L Stainless Steel system, while 4"" polished slash tips and the turbo chambered muffler provide deep sound and great style. The Factory Connection is still made using CNC Mandrel Bends, and comes with either an X-Pipe or resonator for the cross over.

Benefits and Additional Info

  • Increased Performance, Style, and Milage
  • Great tone
  • Dual Slash Cut 4"" Tips
  • 304L Stainless Steel Construction
  • CNC Mandrel Bent
  • Turbo Chambered Muffler

Muffler and Tip Style

Stainless Works Turbo Chambered Muffler System Stainless Works Double Walled Slash Cut Tips

The Turbo Chambered Muffler provides deep rumble while not being annoying or overly aggressive.

Slash Cut Exhaust Tips are Mirror Walled, and add great sound.

Installation Info

Model Connection Emissions Control Crossover Part Number
CTS-V 2004-07 Performance High Flow Catalytic Converter X-Pipe CTSVEHX
CTS-V 2004-07 Performance High Flow Catalytic Converter None: Resonator CTSVEHR
CTS-V 2004-07 Performance Off-Road Pipes X-Pipe CTSVEHXOR
CTS-V 2004-07 Factory High Flow Catalytic Converter None: Resonator CTSVER
CTS-V 2004-07 Factory High Flow Catalytic Converter X-Pipe CTSVEX

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