SSR Wheels GTV-03

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Glare Silver

Flat Black


  • Due to replaceable components that a three pience wheel offers, new wheels don't need to be purchased for every new phase that your car goes through.
  • From JDM to a super car, the low weight ratio of each wheel offered in the GTV03 wheels will increase both your track time and pictures taken at car meets.
  • Trying to be original in an era of replicated car parts might not be that easy, yet SSR wheels has made a name for themselves. Further more, its long lasting materials allow any car enthusiast to know the difference.
  • Allow the originality of your wheels bring the attention to your vehicle when being featured.


  • Strong three piece construction (outer rim, inner rim, and the face.).
  • Heat treatment, enhancing both the stregth and the lightness of the wheel.
  • The inspectors look for defects as little as microscopic scratches and impurities within the metal before CNCing them to the desired size and shape.


  • Fitment: / 5x100 / 5x114.3 /

SSR Wheels GTV-03:

The SSR Wheels GTV-03 is the epitome of wheel perfection. This year SSR has been perfecting their flow form designs, and the GTV-03 really shows their racing heritage. It is strong and light so you can get off the line in a split second, and it can fit your car just the way you want because of the limitless number of sizing options available. When it comes to getting the best in the wheel industry, SSR is on top. The flow-forming process that these wheels go through is very intensive. The inspectors look for defects as little as microscopic scratches and impurities within the metal before heat treating them to the desired strength and lightness. Afterwards is the process that makes your wheels even more unique, painting. There are a huge variety of colors available for the SSR Wheels GTV-03. You can choose the color of the inner and outer barrels and the face. To put it simply, SSR's GTV-03 gives you customizability, racing performance, and value that will last the life of your car.

Heat Treatment:

Once the wheel is completely cooled after the forging or casting process, which depends on the model, it goes through a heat treatment that makes it even stronger and lighter than it already is. The inner barrel of the wheel is then heated a second time because the inside of a wheel is actually where most of the stress happens in just about any driving situation. This heating makes the barrel as light as a feather and able to withstand huge amounts of force that are found even in racing environments. SSR Wheels GTV03's are literally prepared for anything. They are made with racing and heavily tuned cars in mind. So you don't have to worry about getting value for your money. SSR Wheels GTV03's are top of the line wheels that will make your ride look great, act more like a race car, and give you trust in the part of your car that needs to be the most durable, the unsprung mass.


Custom Made In Japan and Freighted. Expect 3-4 Month Wait On Custom Orders.
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