SSR Wheels Executor CV02S for Ford

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SSR Wheels Executor CV02S

The SSR Wheels Executor CV02S is a revolutionary addition to your car that guarantees better power delivery to the ground and amazing customizability for that fitment that makes the crowd say wow.  This wheel is a take on the traditional double five spoke design with a twist.  They added accent spokes in between the double spokes to create a more full looking face while creating a more rigid structure that guarantees racing wheel strength.  This wheel is so unique that it will turn heads on the streets and put a smile on your face on the track.

The CV02S is a ""no compromise"" wheel.  It is forged in three separate pieces for both strength and that amazing fit that you couldn't get with any other wheel.  There are so many sizing possibilities that you could literally go hellaflush all the way to a super functional wheel depending on your tastes.  This wheel is meant for both shows and track days, so the decision is up to you!

So if you're looking for a set of wheels that give you unsurpassable quality and a fresh new look for your ride, make an order for the SSR Wheels Executor CV02S at 714-582-3330.

Custom Made In Japan and Freighted.  Expect 3-4 Month Wait On Custom Orders

ATTENTION:  Make Sure To Specify Your Offsets, Center Cap Colors, Lug Pattern and Face Colors In The Text Box Under The Drop Downs!



  • Extremely light
  • Put more power down to the ground
  • Get the exact fitment you've always wanted
  • Quality you can trust
  • Race worthy wheels
  • Stronger than you can imagine
  • Three piece construction



SSR Wheels Executor CV02S Brushed

SSR Wheels Executor CV02S Flat Black
Flat Black

Get the SSR Wheels Executor CV02S at Modbargains!

Interested in getting a set of SSR Wheels CV02S's? Give us a call! We'd love to talk to you at 714-582-3330

3-Piece Wheels

SSR's CV02S is a 3-piece wheel that is made up of an outer rim, inner rim, and the face. Each piece is made up of a slightly different alloy of aluminum in order to ensure a specific distribution of strength and lightness throughout the wheel. This is what SSR is all about; wheels that don't only look good, but outperform the competition in just about every aspect that is important in a set of high end race wheels. Their 3-piece wheels will fit great, turn heads and keep surprising you during your everyday driving experiences.

Heat Treatment

Once the wheel is completely cooled after the forging or casting process, which depends on the model, it goes through a heat treatment that makes it even stronger and lighter than it already is. The inner barrel of the wheel is then heated a second time because the inside of a wheel is actually where most of the stress happens in just about any driving situation. This heating makes the barrel as light as a feather and able to withstand huge amounts of force that are found even in racing environments.

SSR Wheels CV02S's are literally prepared for anything. They are made with racing and heavily tuned cars in mind. So you don't have to worry about getting value for your money. SSR Wheels CV02S's are top of the line wheels that will make your ride look great, act more like a race car, and give you trust in the part of your car that needs to be the most durable, the unsprung mass.

Get the SSR Wheels Executor CV02S at ModBargains!

Interested in getting a set of SSR Wheels CV02S's? Give us a call! We'd love to talk to you at 714-582-3330

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