Smoked BMW E46 Coupe LED 4 Piece Taillights

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Smoked BMW E46 Coupe LED 4 Piece Taillights


Tired of your stock and boring halogen taillights? We have a solution with these E46 LED taillights. They fit perfectly and will give your E46 a new and fresh look, that your e46 desperately needs. Our 4 piece LED taillights are to of the line, the proof lies in their DOT and SAE certification. They are plug an play and installs in the matter of minutes, with no bulb failures, flickering, codes and now problems to speak of. Get your set of 4 piece LED taillights for your E46 today and make your e46 stand out!



So Why Switch to LEDs?

Do you wonder what the LED craze has been over lately? Well, there are several reasons why many people are looking to use LED lighting over halogens, including BMW themselves who have integrated LED tails onto the newer E46 Coupes, as well as the 5, 6, and 7 series. The first reason is the obvious one, LEDs provide a crisp and updated look, but in addition they are brighter, do not die out like halogen bulbs, and use much less power than halogens. Also, a huge reason to consider LED tail lights specifically, is due to the safety increase. LEDs illuminate instantly, as opposed to a slight ""fade on"" with halogens, so when you hit your brakes, the lights come on instantly. In turn, this can create a significant amount of extra stopping room for the driver behind you due to their quicker reaction time and avoid any possible rear-ending accidents.



  • Lower Power Consumption when Compared to Halogen

  • Updated from your Stock Halogen Tails

  • 1 year warranty

  • No Error Messages

  • Completely Plug and Play

Engineering Detail

  • OEM Fit and Finish

  • 10-30 minute complete install using standard hand tools

  • Requires no LCM

  • No dealer re-flash

(Please consult your owner's manual for your application fitment type)

  • BMW E46 3 Series Coupe without OEM LED taillights (doesn't fit convertible)


Required tools: 10mm Socket Wrench

  • This installation is a very simple DIY with these plug and play lights. All you need to do is remove 3 10mm bolts on each tail light to remove it from the car, put the new one in, and plug it in!


LED E46 Taillights

  • 1999-2003 BMW E46 2DR Red/Smoke DEPO LED TL - 4 pieces (444-1919FTA-VSR)

  Smoked BMW E46 Coupe LED 4 Piece Taillight

1999-2003 BMW E46 2DR Red/Smoke DEPO LED TL - 4 pieces

  Smoked BMW E46 Tail Lights

1999-2003 BMW E46 2DR Red/Smoke DEPO LED TL - 4 pieces

BMW E46 LED 4 Piece Tail Lights


BMW E46 Left 4 Piece Tail Light

BMW E46 4 Piece Tail Lights Rear View

BMW E46 4 Piece Tail Light Right

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