Clear / Smoked BMW E46 Sidemarkers 3 Series Coupe / Sedan

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Are you jealous of all the Euro BMW guys who's cars come stock with the sleek side markers? Envy them no more as we now have OEM quality and finish clear and smoked side markers available for your BMW for a fraction of the price. Eliminate those ugly amber lenses and clear up your vehicle's lighting with these clear side markers! They go great with our solaris turn side marker bulbs which are silver coated to eliminate that ""egg yolk"" look in the lens as well!



  • 1 Year Warranty

  • Updated from your Stock Amber Lenses

  • 1 year warranty

  • Completely Plug and Play

Engineering Detail

  • OEM Fit and Finish

  • 5 Minute Install

  • Requires no LCM

  • No dealer re-flash required

2002-2005 BMW 4DR / 5DR Clear (444-1405P-UQ-C)

2002-2005 BMW 4DR / 5DR Smoked (444-1405P-U-2S)

2004-2006 BMW E46 2DR Clear LED Fender Side Marker

2004-2006 BMW E46 2DR Smoked LED Fender Side Marker


Required tools: Flat Head Screw Driver

  • This installation is a simple DIY that requires sliding the side marker towards the front of the car and pulling out!


Part Number Application Type
444-1403PXBEVC 1999-2003 BMW 2DR Crystal Clear
444-1403P-B-S 1999-2003 BMW 2DR Smoked
444-1403PXBEVC 1999-2001 BMW 4DR / 5DR Crystal Clear
444-1403P-B-S 1999-2001 BMW 4DR / 5DR Smoked
444-1405P-UQ-C 2002-2005 BMW 4DR / 5DR Clear
444-1405P-U-2S 2002-2005 BMW 4DR / 5DR Smoked
444-1406P-AQ-C 2004-2006 BMW 2DR Clear
444-1406P-A-2S 2004-2006 BMW 2DR Smoked


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