Rogue Engineering Front Tension Arm Bushing for BMW M3 [E9X] (TAB-E9X-S/T)

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Replace your stock bushings and get some serious control with the Rogue Engineering FTAB Bushings

Rogue Engineering has developed Front Tension Arm Bushings, or FTABs for the E9X M3. These bushings are a direct replacement upgrade for your stock front tension arm bushings, giving you more control over the front end of your BMW. These bushings are meant to take abuse, handle increased power, and outlast the competition.

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Rouge Engineering's Front Tension Arm Bushings are meant for the track or those who truly drive their BMW. These FTABs allow the thrust arm to move through its range without spring load or resistance. The center bolt sleeve pivots instead of the entire bushing, giving it a longer lifetime.

Rouge Engineering's FTABs are made in the USA, and are comprised of urethane with a special silicone formula injected into each bushing mold. This guarantees a lubricant film, without having to use grease. Rogue Engineering doesn't use urethane to control the entire area of deflection, they also use a housing made of aluminum. This helps reduce the ID of the hole in the thrust arm bushing.


Make/Model Part Bushing Durometer Part #
BMW E9X M3 Rogue Engineering Front Tension Arm Bushing Street Bushings (Black) RE-TAB-E9X


  • Increased Control
  • No Unnecessary Wear
  • Replaces stock bushings
  • Made in the USA
  • Aluminum Housing
  • Soaks up more suspension load under breaking and cornering

If you are in the Southern California area, let us install the Rogue Engineering Front Tension Arm Bushings for you!

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