REMUS Race Exhaust System for 2018+ BMW M5 [F90] (089317 0500LR)

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Remus Racing Exhaust for 2018+ BMW M5 [F90]
  • Feel new levels of self confidence as your exhaust now out powers all others on the road
  • Let your exhaust tips do the talking with the premium option of carbon-fiber
  • Raise the heart rate and excitement of yourself and the poor person walking behind your car when you wake the dragon.


  • Light Weight Construction

  • Powerful Sound

  • 100% Stainless Steel w/ Shot-Blasted Finish

  • Performance and Torque Increase


  • 2018+ BMW M5 [F90]


For the 2018 model year, BMW has doped the gauntlet with the release of the AWD Twin Turbo V8 powered M5. Being the most powerful M5 ever made, its only fitting that Remus offers its most aggressive sounding exhaust for it as well.

The Remus Race Exhaust system still utilize the factory valves in an attempt to quell the power and sound of that Bi-Turbo V8. Helmholtz resonators are used for each bank of cylinders when valves are closed to keep things more civil. But when your ready to wake the dead, those valves open up offering straight-pipe levels of sound and fury!

Remus Racing Exhaust for 2018+ BMW M5 [F90]
Remus Racing Exhaust for 2018+ BMW M5 [F90] Remus Racing Exhaust for 2018+ BMW M5 [F90]

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