Racing Alternator Pulley for 1999-2006 BMW M3 [E46]

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Applications: 2001 - 2006 M3, S54 M Coupe/Roadster (E46, MZ3)

The TMS Racing Alternator Pulley (For VALEO alternators) is designed to unleash MAXIMUM Horsepower and reduce alternator wear. Our pulley has been track tested on our Grand Am Cup M3’s and dyno-tested for reliability. This pulley is strictly for race/track cars only, due to the size of the alternator pulley the proper voltage cannot be maintained at low RPM. We suggest installing with TMS Racing E46 M3 racing power steering pulley, P/N: TEN 46 23 R03 but this is not required.

Parts list for pulley:

Alternator Pulley

10mm Bolt

10mm Flat Washer

10mm Wave Washer

When would it be a good time to perform this work on my car?

When replacing a drive belt.

Before a race weekend to help you get to the podium.

What main drive belt do I need to use with the TMS Racing Alternator Pulley?

If you have the standard pulley kit with the racing alternator pulley you will need a 6 groove, 1524mm long belt

If you have the full, TMS Racing pulley kit you will need a 6 groove, 1538mm long belt

(you must have one of these kits to use this alternator pulley)
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