Painted Rear Reflector Set for 2017+ BMW 5-Series M-Sport [G30] (IND-G30M-RREF)

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BMW G30 Painted Rear Reflector OEM M-Sport Installed
  • Get rid of those ugly rear reflectors that ruin the lines on your M-Sport 5-series
  • Enhance your aesthetics with factory color matched replacement reflectors
  • Set yourself apart from the boring stock crowd


  • OEM factory-original pieces

  • Color matched to factory paint codes
  • Easy install due to factory fit and finish
  • Sold as a pair


  • 2017+ BMW 5-Series (M-Sport)


Are you sick of the tacky OEM rear reflectors ruining the look of your beautiful 5-Series? Don't settle for clumsy vinyl wrap or cheap knock offs. These painted reflectors are factory original BMW parts that are then painted by a team of highly skilled and experienced painters. The paint is matched to BMW factory color codes so you get a near perfect match and lasting quality.

The M-Sport Painted Rear Reflectors are painted in Dark Graphite Metallic (Paint Code A90) to match the 5-Series M-Sport rear diffuser. If you have a normal 5-Series please see our listing for the Painted Rear Reflector Set for the non M-Sport G30.

BMW G30 Painted Rear Reflector OEM M-Sport


Please contact us if you have questions about the Painted Rear Reflectors for the 2017+ BMW 5-Series M-Sport [G30]
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