Painted Front Grille Trim for 2017+ BMW 5-Series / M5 [G30/F90] IND-G30-CTRIM / IND-F90-CTRIM

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Painted Center Griulle Treim Piece for G30 530e 530i 540i M550i xDriveF90 M5
  • Remove that ugly black black wart in between your front kidney grilles
  • Witness first hand how such a subtle part change can make a striking visual difference.
  • OE quality paint finish with optional ceramic coating will guarantee this part last longer then the rest of your entire car


  • Perfect OEM fitment because it IS an OEM part. No replicas here folks!

  • Color matched to your specific color for a seamless OEM look

  • No hassle installation these just snap right into place.


  • 2017+ BMW 530e (incl. xDrive)[G30]

  • 2017+ BMW 530i (incl. xDrive) [G30]

  • 2017+ BMW 540i (incl. xDrive) [G30]

  • 2017+ BMW M550i xDrive [G30]

  • 2018+ BMW M5 [F90]


So you just drove off the lot in your fancy 5-Series / M5. The vehicle looks flawless to your eyes from every angle... until someone points out one huge unsightly blemish. Like an un-trimmed mono-brow, BMW in their infinite wisdom desired to connect the two Kidney Grilles with a cheep unpainted plastic piece. The kind you would expect to find on a lower-end vehiclei.

Modbargains is here to correct this unsightly zit square in the center of your 5-Series/M5's otherwise handsome face. Color matched to your specific vehicle color, this Painted Grille Trim piece will separate the mono-brow into two distinct grilles, giving you the subtle satisfaction that your car will look better than any other you see out on the road that day.

Color Matched Front Kidney Trim Installed on BMW F90 M5

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