Painted BumperPlugs™ for all BMWs

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Cover the unattractive license plate holes in your front bumper with our official BumperPlugs™ from our partners at © The perfect solution when you need to remove the front plate for shows or give your BMW a cleaner look, or if you bought your BMW out of state and you no longer require a front license plate. Installation is simple and easy as the Bumper Plugs are inserted directly into the holes and removable with ease, no damage to the painted bumper. All plugs come in pairs, and must be used in 1/4"" to 5/16"" holes.

NOTE: The plugs must fit 1/4” to 5/16” holes, nothing larger, nothing smaller

Remember, all paint fades with age. Fading increases with age and exposure to the elements. The paint on your new product will be factory fresh and may not match a car with faded paint. Since all painted products are not actually paint blended and matched for your specific vehicle, slight variations may occur.


Available BMW Colors

  • Alpina Blue Metallic (X06)
  • Alpina Green Metallic (X09)
  • Alpine White (300)
  • Arctic Grey Metallic (C27)
  • Arctic Silver Metallic (309)
  • Atacama Yellow (B21)
  • Atlantic Blue Metallic (A13)
  • Atlas Cedar Metallic (C2P)
  • Austin Yellow Metallic (B67)
  • Azurite Black Metallic (S34)
  • Barbera Red Metallic (A39)
  • Barrique Red Metallic (A41)
  • Bernina Grey Amber Pearl (C3E)
  • Black Sapphire Metallic (475)
  • Blue Stone Metallic (C2Y)
  • Bluewater Metallic (896)
  • Bright Red (314)
  • Bright Red II (415)
  • Brilliant White Pearl (U21)
  • Callisto Grey Metallic (B64)
  • Carbon Black Metallic (416)
  • Cashmere Silver (A72)
  • Cosmos Black Metallic (303)
  • Crimson Red (A61)
  • Crystal White Pearl (C02/B97)
  • Dark Graphite Metallic (A90)
  • Dark Graphite Metallic II (B90)
  • Deep Green Metallic (A43)
  • Deep Sea Blue Metallic (A76)
  • Donington Grey Metallic (C28)
  • Electric Red (438)
  • Estoril Blue (335)
  • Estoril Blue II (B45)
  • Flamenco Red Metallic (C06)
  • Frozen Brilliant White Metallic Matte (X16)
  • Frozen Grey Metallic Matte (U83)
  • Frozen Silver Matte (490/W07)
  • Galvanic Gold Metallic (C1P)
  • Glacier Silver Metallic (A83)
  • Grey Green Metallic (442)
  • Havanna Metallic (A17)
  • Imola Red (405)
  • Imperial Blue Metallic/Pearl (A89)
  • Indy Red Metallic (A31)
  • Interlagos Blue (A30)
  • Ionic Silver Metallic (B72/B93)
  • Japan Red (438)
  • Jatoba Brown Metallic (B65)
  • Jerez Black Pearl (A73)
  • Jet Black (668)
  • Laguna Seca Blue (448)
  • LeMans Blue Metallic (381)
  • Long Beach Blue Metallic (C16)
  • Magellan Grey Metallic (C26)
  • Marina Bay Blue Metallic (C1K)
  • Mediterranean Blue Metallic (C10)
  • Melbourne Red Metallic (A75)
  • Merlot Red Metallic (A02)
  • Midnight Blue Metallic (B38)
  • Milano Beige Metallic (A84)
  • Mineral Grey Metallic (B39)
  • Mineral Silver Metallic (A14)
  • Mineral White Metallic (A96)
  • Mojave Metallic (A17)
  • Monaco Blue Metallic (A35)
  • Monte Carlo Blue (B05)
  • Montego Blue Metallic (A51)
  • Montreal Blue Pearl (297)
  • Moonstone Metallic (X04)
  • Mystic Blue Metallic (A07)
  • Orient Blue Metallic (317)
  • Orion Silver Metallic (A92)
  • Oxford Green Metallic (324)
  • Peach Pearl (388)
  • Pearl Silver (X01)
  • Phoenix Yellow Metallic (445)
  • Platinum Bronze Metallic (A53)
  • Platinum Grey Metallic/Pearl (A68)
  • Platinum Silver Metallic (C08)
  • Protonic Blue Metallic (C04)
  • Ruby Black Pearl (X03)
  • Sahara Beige Metallic (443)
  • Sakhir Orange Metallic (B50)
  • San Francisco Red Metallic (C34)
  • San Marino Blue Metallic (B51)
  • Satin Black
  • Seaside Blue Metallic (C1R)
  • Sedona Red Metallic (A79)
  • Sepang Bronze Metallic (A32)
  • Silver Grey Metallic (A08)
  • Silverstone II Metallic (A29)
  • Silverstone Metallic (425)
  • Singapore Grey Metallic (B41)
  • Solar Orange (B78)
  • Sophisto Grey Metallic (A90)
  • Space Grey Metallic (A52)
  • Sparkling Bronze Metallic (B06)
  • Sparkling Brown Metallic (B53)
  • Sparkling Graphite Metallic (A22)
  • Steel Blue Metallic (372)
  • Steel Grey Metallic (400)
  • Sterling Pearl Grey Metallic (472)
  • Stratus Metallic (440)
  • Tanzanite Blue Metallic (X10)
  • Tasman Green Metallic (A81)
  • Titanium Grey Metallic (892)
  • Titanium Silver Metallic (354)
  • Toledo Blue Metallic (482)
  • Topaz Blue (364)
  • Valencia Orange Metallic (B44)
  • Vermillion Red Metallic (A82)
  • Yas Marina Blue (B68)


  • Installation can be done by any single person, no special skills are required
  • No tools are required
  • Estimated installation time is generally less than 5 minutes

About the Painting Process
For quality assurance, each product is finished using a 14-stage proprietary process, these plugs have an exact factory match to the bumper of your car. Our paints are combined with adhesive promoters and chip resisting agents to prolong the life and look of your part. The unique paint process requires over 11 days to complete. Note that our top quality paints will exactly match the color of a brand new vehicle painted in that color. On certain colors, exposure to the sun will slightly change/fade the color of the vehicle, especially with older vehicles or vehicles in warm climates. In these cases the paint may not be a 100% match to the color on the car, but will be extremely close.

How to Find Your Paint Code
Open the hood you will find that on one of the shock towers, probably passenger side, there will be a black label, on this label will be the color name written in German along with the paint code number at the bottom.

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