MOTON Motorsport 4-Way Adjustable Coilovers for BMW E46 M3 & 3-Series

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  • You have one of the best BMWs ever made, it deserves the best coilovers.
  • Dominate at the track with true race engineering technology!
  • Avoid public shame of running a budget suspension on your M3.


  • Available in Coilover Rear Only

  • Ride Height Adjustable

  • Mono-Tube Damper

  • Inverted Strut Shafts

  • Linear Rate Springs

  • 4-Way (low + high speed rebound & low + high speed Compression/bump) adjustability

  • Remote reservoirs for superior fluid temperature control

  • Highest quality steel and aluminum construction

  • Aluminum alloy front shock bodies

  • Available camber adjusted front shock bodies for widebody applications


  • 2001-06 E46 BMW M3

  • 1999-06 E46 BMW 3-Series

Ready for the next level? The Moton Motorsport 3-Way coilovers are the next step up when considering a track/race suspension. They still offer great street manners but are definitely track/race designed. These are the best coilovers for the track enthusiast who races regularly or competes in motorsport events. The Motorsport 3-way unlocks that next level of fine suspension tuning.

The Motorsport 3-Way feature full height adjustability with damper tuning aimed at track days & racing. The monotube dampers are invert mounted for improved strength while the remote reservoirs help maintain damper fluid temperatures which is crucial on the track. Independent rebound and compression/bump adjustability allows for precise tuning for any track. All Moton products are made from the highest grade Stainless Steel and Aluminum so you can be sure your coilovers will last.

Moton E46 M3 camber shock mount

Originally developed for the E46 M3 GTR, the Moton Coilovers were engineered with some special options that aren't available on any other Moton (or any other manufacturer that we know of) Coilovers. The M3 GTR was developed for racing in the American Le Mans Series (ALMS), and BMW approached Moton about developing a suspension that fit their needs perfectly. The special (too many details to talk about here) widebody M3 was created to take on Porsche which had dominated the series for years.

Part of the suspension tuning requested by BMW was additional camber adjustments past what was achievable with a simple camber plate. Moton engineered the front strut body to mount to the hub at an angle to provide this additional camber. While this does sacrifice inboard clearance between the wheel/tire and the strut, this is less of an issue on a widebody car already capable of running extremely wide wheels and tires. This is a unique and advanced option, so we recommend caution and careful consideration of wheel/tire fitment if you decide to go this route.


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