K&N Air Intake 69-Series for 2000-2004 VW Jetta IV / GLI (69-9501TP)

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Looking for that proven performance boost for your VW? The K&N 69 Series Induction Kit is the key! This kit is specifically designed for each different vehicle and will free your car from the restriction that comes from an OEM intake. The kit is proven to provide power throughout all RPM ranges. The larger air filter is able to capture and hold more dirt increasing the life of the filter before cleaning is required. Quality is never an issue because all K&N products are made of high quality steel, aluminum, silicon or reinforced nylon to ensure long life. Get the boost you want with K&N the world's best air filter!


What is an air intake?
Every vehicle is equipped with an air intake. There is a world of a difference between an aftermarket and OEM intake. Aftermarket intakes replaces the OEM intake by a metal pipe with an air filter at the end. This creates a performance boost due to its increased air volume intake. Many speculate the amount of performance benefits that it provides, but depending on how much the OEM intake restricted air flow the aftermarket will provide performance enhancement accordingly. There is a debate between cold air and short ram intakes. Many prefer cold air intakes due to its higher increase in performance, but this risks the chance of hydro-locking. Hydro-locking is when the air intake inducts water instead of air causing the vehicle to shut down, but in horrid cases permanently destroying the engine. Short ram intakes on the other hand does not  risk the chance of destroying the engine because the intake is within the engine bay. Many debate the performance benefits for each, but there is no conclusive data as to which is better.

  • Designed to increase HP and Acceleration
  • Engineered to Specific Vehicle Design
  • Easy to install usually in 90 min or less!
  • Lasts up to 100,000 miles before service is required
  • Million Mile Limited Warranty
  • Replaces OEM Filter and Air Box
  • Works with OE computer systems

200-2004 Jetta IV / GLI 1.8L/2.0L

Installation is simple. This kit usually takes no longer than 90 minutes to fully install. *NOTE: full instructions on installation tab above*
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