IPD Plenum Intake Porsche 996TT/S/X50/GT2

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IPD Plenum Benefits/Features
  • Satisfaction Money back guarantee
  • Your choice of 68mm or 74mm plenum
  • Cast aluminum and polished
  • Increased 30-40 HP and 40-45 TQ
  • Great for stock to highly modded Porsche 911 turbos
IPD Plenum Applications
  • 996 Turbo/S/X50/GT2 IPD Plenum 68mm / Part #96268
  • 996 Turbo/S/X50/GT2 IPD Competition Plenum 68mm / Part #96274
Are you ready for the single best performance mod you will ever do to your Porsche 996 turbo? IPD has developed a way to make 40-45 horsepower with a simple bolt on. This IPD plenum will replace your inefficient T shaped intake manifold for this Y shaped or plenum intake manifold. The plenum is simple, it channels air more efficiently and increases air speed ten fold. This IPD plenum is a simple product, but there is nothing short of amazing with the gains you will see and feel!

You Porsche 996 turbo owners are lucky; you have the choice between either a stock sized 68mm IPD plenum or the more aggressive 74mm IPD competition Plenum. The 68mm Plenum is perfect for stock to mildly tuned Porsche 996 turbos, while the 74mm competition Plenum is for those horsepower freaks out there that have highly tuned Porsche 996 turbos.

Be confident you have the fastest Porsche 996 turbo on the road and go with the best performance mod ever, this IPD Plenum!

The 996 Turbo requires an “adaptation” period that can be fully realized with either a series of hard pulls on the dyno or 10 to 50 miles of hard driving which of course IPD recommends only be performed on a closed circuit race track.

Gain 30-40 Horsepower and 40-45 Torque with this IPD Plenum!


NOTE: The 74mm IPD Competition Plenum must be paired up with the 74mm Throttle body. (See Below)

Genuine 996 74mm Porsche Throttle Body. / Part# 997.605.115.01

NOTE: This larger, German throttle body is REQUIRED to fit the larger 74mm “Competition” Plenum.



  • Professional installation highly recommended for the Porsche 911 Turbos. Installation for the Turbo 911 Turbos requires anywhere from 2 - 5 hours to install, depending on its location.


If you can't believe the gains, take a look at the DYNO's below for the official DYNO sheets!!!

Click on Dyno's below to view a larger image

If you have any further questions about these IPD Plenums please give us a call at 714-582-3330

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