IPD Intake Plenum for 2011-2016 Porsche 911 Carrera / S [991] 91482-3.8

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IPD Plenum Benefits/Features
  • 15+ horsepower
  • 14+ foot pounds torque
  • Bolt-on Power
  • Made in USA
IPD Plenum Applications
  • 991 DFI Carrera 3.4L IPD Plenum I Part #91482-3.4
  • 991 DFI Carrera S IPD Plenum I Part #91482-3.8

The new 991 Carrera is certainly a gorgeous car, but like most Carrera's, the power output is controlled to meet a ""performance target"" ie, you are not getting the performance you could be.  Luckily, IPD has designed a new Plenum Spacers to increase power output.

Power gains are consistent with 15+ horsepower and 14+ foot pounds at the wheels.  As with most IPD Plenums, most of the power gains are seen in the mid-range where they will make a huge impact during daily driving and aggressive acceleration.  Due to its design, you will be provided increased gains across the entire rev range of your car.

Plunum Intake for Porsche Carrera

Since the IPD Plenum has been specifically designed for the Carrera, all pre-existing factory hardware will work, and the IPD intake design allows for smoother, less turbulent airflow-resulting in impressive power and torque gains for Porsche driving enthusiasts.

Unlike previous naturally aspirated IPD plenums that deliver stronger gains in the mid range, the new IPD Plenums deliver a similar shaped power curve as the factory but are considerably stronger from the mid range to redline without any loses in power down low.

Installation time is approximately 4-5 hours.

Plunum Intake Installed in Porsche Carrera

If you have any further questions about these IPD Plenums please give us a call at 714-582-3330 

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