H&R Trak+ Wheel Spacers for BMW 6/7-Series [F01/F12/E63/E65/E38]

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Stance your 6 or 7 Series for the best possible appearance with one of the best spacer brands out there, H&R. The H&R 6/7 Series Wheel Spacers are constructed from a blend of aluminum and magnesium for an indestructible product. Not only will adding a set of H&R Wheel Spacers to your ride improve the appearance and overall stance, but handling characteristics are also improved. Whether you're looking to improve handling, or for the best wheel fitment possible, go with one of the most reputable names in wheel spacers, H&R.

We do not accept returns of used or installed spacers. Once they have been installed, they cannot be returned. NO EXCEPTIONS. H&R spacers do not cause vibrations, unless they are installed incorrectly or there is another problem with the vehicle.

H&R 6&7 Series Wheel Spacer Benefits
  • Attain perfect wheel fitment for your Z3 or Z4
  • Anodized finish for longevity
  • 70% lighter than competitor spacers
  • Hub centric for accuracy and no vibrations
  • Improved handling characteristics
  • 100% made in Germany - TUV approved
  • ISO9001 approved - Quality product

Applications shown below fit all models, including xi, and convertibles

  • 2009+ 7 Series F01
  • 2011+ 6 Series F12/F13
  • 2004-2010 6 Series E63/E64
  • 2002-2008 7 Series E65/E66/E67
  • 1995-2001 7 Series E38
Bolt Pattern Width Type* Part Number
5x120 3mm DR 0675725
5x120 5mm DR 1075725
5x120 10mm DR 2075725
5x120 12mm DR 2475725
5x120 15mm DR 3075725
5x120 20mm DR 4075725
5x120 25mm DRA 5075725
5x120 30mm DRA 6075725

*See below for an explanation

H&R 6 and 7 Series Wheel Spacer Available Types

Type   Description
DR This spacer is fitted between the wheel and hub, and uses longer wheel bolts We can provide these for you if necessary. All of the DR systems require longer wheel bolts with the exception of the 3mm H&R spacer.
DRA This spacer is fitted to the hub with special wheel bolts and has new threaded holes for existing wheel bolts. All DRA H&R Wheel Spacers come with the necessary wheel bolts that you will use in conjunction with your stock bolts.

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