H&R Sport Springs for 2017+ BMW 530i/530e/540i/M550i (RWD & xDrive) [G30] (28721-2 / 28721-5)

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2017+ BMW 530i 540i M550i xDrive AWD H&R Sport Lowering Springs Installed
  • Get rid of the factory fender gap and give your 5 Series a sleek aggressive look.
  • Lowering springs are low cost and require no tinkering, simply install and start driving.
  • H&R's expert engineering ensures that you get improved handling without compromising ride quality for you and your passengers.


  • Front Lowering ~1.3""-1.4""

  • Rear Lowering ~1.2""-1.4""
  • Works with factory dampers
  • Lifetime warranty


  • 2017+ BMW 530i (Incl. xDrive)

  • 2017+ BMW 530e (Incl. xDrive)
  • 2017+ BMW 540i (Incl. xDrive)
  • 2017+ BMW M550i xDrive


Lowering is, more often than not, one of the first things anyone does to modify their car. Lowering springs are one of the most affordable and cost efficient modifications you can find. They're available for almost every vehicle and make it easy to transform the look and feel of your car.

The H&R Sport Lowering Springs are the perfect choice if you're looking to lower your 2017-2018 BMW 5-Series. H&R springs are engineered and manufactured in Germany. What better to compliment your German vehicle than more German engineering?

With the H&R Sport Spring you can get rid of the ugly wheel gap that disrupts your car's smooth body lines. With a lower center of gravity you'll reduce body roll and improve handling. With H&R engineering you get peace of mind that you're buying a high quality product you can trust.

2017-2018 BMW 530i 540i xDrive M550i H&R Sport Lowering Springs

Additional Fitment Information
Vehicle Model Years Notes Approx. Front Lowering Approx. Rear Lowering Part No.
530i 2017-18 RWD 1.4"" 1.3"" 28721-2
530i xDrive 2017-18 AWD 1.4"" 1.4"" 28721-2
530e 2017-18 RWD 1.4"" 1.3"" 28721-5
530e xDrive 2017-18 AWD 1.4"" 1.4"" 28721-5
540i 2017-18 RWD 1.4"" 1.3"" 28721-2
540i xDrive 2017-18 AWD 1.4"" 1.4"" 28721-2
M550i xDrive 2017-18 AWD 1.3"" 1.2"" 28721-2


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