GP Thunder Replacement Daytime Running Light Halogen H7 Bulbs

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$7.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
Replace your E90's stock daytime running lights with GP Thunder Bulbs to increase lighting output, and give your car a classier appearance. Installation for the light bulbs is a breeze, and does not require any modifications. Transform your E90/E91's look with minimal effort with H7 GP Thunder Replacement Bulbs.
Model Bulb Size
E90/E91 06-08 Sedan/Wagon H7 (55watts)
  • 3 Available Color Temperatures (3500, 7500, 8500)
  • Made of High Quality quartz glass
  • Brighter, sharper appearance
  • No modifications required

Available Colors

  • 3500 (Yellow)
  • 7500 (White w/ slight tint of blue)
  • 8500 (Blue)
What does a HID look bulb replacement do?
There are many car enthusiasts that desire the white, or blue HID (high intensity discharge) look. Many people go to great lengths to achieve this desired look, from buying a HID conversion kits to retrofitting projectors to attain the desired beam pattern. There are very many alternatives to achieving the HID look, and many choose to take the cheaper route which is the HID look bulb replacement. These HID look replacement bulbs are a great alternative to actual full HID conversions, but due to the fact that they are merely replacements they are not much brighter than stock. The reason that they may appear much brighter is due to the fact of their color temperature much resembles that of the color of daylight. If you are looking to merely change the color of your headlight from the dull yellow to a bright white then this bulb replacement is a great alternative for you.


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