Fabspeed Clubsport Intercoolers for 2006-09 Porsche 911 Turbo 997TT [997]

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The stock intercooler on your Porsche 997TT is too small and not really efficient enough to effectively cool your 3.6L twin turbo engine - turbos generate a lot of heat, and you've got two of em crammed in a tight space together, so you need all the cooling capacity you can get..  Fabspeed has designed these intercoolers to have a larger surface area and larger inlets/outlets, for maximum cooling abilities.  This means the engine will be able to run at a cooler temperature even when pushing your engine to the limits.  It is great for tracking your Porsche 997TT or even if you live in a hot area.

This Fabspeed Porsche 997TT Intercooler in constructed out of 3-D CAD design cast aluminum with CNC machined end tanks, giving your 997TT maximum airflow and efficiency.  With 25% larger cores, 36-49% higher flow rate, and inlet end tank has approximately 200% more volume, and outlet end tank has approximately 60% more volume there is no doubt this intercooler will out perform whatever your 997TT engine can put out. 

This Fabspeed Porsche 997TT Intercooler is also available with a Swain coating.  Swain Coatings provides high performance coatings and industrial coatings to solve the problems of wear, heat, friction and corrosion. These high performance coatings include ceramic thermal barriers, dry film lubricants, ceramic exhaust coatings, oil shedding coatings and several other coatings to improve the performance and/or durability of high performance parts.

  • 25% larger cores than OEM.
  • 36-49% higher flow rate measured on an SF1020 flow bench.
  • These intercoolers help achieve quicker boost and add more power as compared to the OEM units
  • Greater Cooling Capacity Keeps Heat Soak At Bay for Consistent Power, Pull After Pull
  • 3-D CAD design cast aluminum/CNC machined end tanks offer maximized airflow and efficiency.
  • Direct replacement for factory intercoolers.
  • Extremely efficient closely stacked bar and plate type core design.
  • Inlet end tank has approximately 200% more volume. Outlet end tank has approximately 60% more volume.
  • Reduced pressure drops while maximizing heat dissipation.
  • Swain Tech BBE coating is applied to help further pull heat out of the intercooler which improves efficiency and power (~10-25% heat dispersion efficiency increase)


  • Porsche 997TT Turbo Models 2006-2009

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