Eisenmann Cat-Back Exhaust for 2001-2011 Mercedes SL55

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Give your Mercedes Benz that deep aggressive European sound that your Mercedes should have sounded like from the factory with this Eisenmann exhaust.  Eisenmann's exhaust system features 4x120x77mm Oval tips which are a classic Eisenmann staple.  Only with Eisenmann's will you get their trademark tone and a deep sound at low RPM, and a true performance car scream at high RPM.  Give your car a one of kind, intoxicating and exotic exhaust note today with this beautiful Eisenmann exhaust.


  • Mean, aggressive exhaust tone
  • Impressive HP and TQ gains
  • Full bolt on construction
  • Precision build for a perfect leak free fit
  • Weight reduction from stock muffler
  • Incredible racing look and sound

Eisenmann Exhaust Applications 

Model Exhaust Type Part Number
2001-2011 Mercedes R230 SL55 4x120x77mm oval tips D7252.02180

How do Eisenmann Exhausts Solve the Problems of Backpressure?
Eisenmann reduces the backpressure while maintaining a rich powerful performance tone. Annoying exhaust frequencies are dampened with a dense wall of acoustical absorbing material. The straight-through design prevents excessive heat retention allowing the entire system to run cooler and last longer.

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