Eisenmann Cat-Back Exhaust for 2011+ BMW M6 [F06/F12/F13]

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Finally an exhaust system that is worth putting on your BMW F12 or F13 M6.  BMW spent endless hours in R&D to create the new M6 so why would you want an exhaust that hasn't been put through its paces.  Eisenmann hand crafted this exhaust using high grade stainless steel to ensure perfect fitment, durable construction and a true work of art.  In the end they were able to create an exhaust that sounds out of this world while freeing up the backpressure in the huge V8 twin turbocharged engine, giving you more usable power and instant throttle response.  Be there very first one to have an exhaust system on your F12 M6 with this Eisenmann exhaust.

NOTE: Center Pipe is sold separately

An Eisenmann Diffuser is available to go with the Eisenmann exhaust with oval tips. Click Here to View.

Round Tips (4 x 102 mm)


  • Hand Build Craftsmanship
  • Mean, aggressive exhaust tone
  • Impressive HP and TQ gains
  • Comes in both dual and quad setup
  • Full bolt on construction
  • Precision build for a perfect leak free fit
  • Weight reduction from stock muffler
  • Incredible racing look and sound

Eisenmann F12/13 M6 Exhaust Fitments

Model Exhaust Type Part Number
BMW F12/13 M6 Quad - 4 x 90mm round tips B5431.00904
BMW F12/13 M6 Quad - 4 x 102mm round tips B5431.01024
BMW F12/13 M6 Quad - 4 x 120 x 77mm oval tips B5431.02104

Do you have a question about this Eisenmann F12 M6 exhaust? Give us a call at 714-582-3330

Oval Tips (4 x 120 x 77 mm)

How do Eisenmann Exhausts Solve the Problems of Backpressure?
Eisenmann reduces the backpressure while maintaining a rich powerful performance tone. Annoying exhaust frequencies are dampened with a dense wall of acoustical absorbing material. The straight-through design prevents excessive heat retention allowing the entire system to run cooler and last longer.

Do you have a question about this Eisenmann F12/13 M5 exhaust? Give us a call at 714-582-3330

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