Dinan Performance Spring Set for 2010-2014 BMW E70 E71 - D100-0915

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    • Be lower than your friends and make your car look more aggressive- Lowers car up to 3/4"" in the front and rear

    • Carve through a corner with a more controlled, sporty feel with decreased body roll



Year Make Model Part Number Ride Height
2010-2013 BMW X5 M E70 D100-0915 -3/4"" F&R
2010-2014 BMW X6 M E71 D100-0915 -3/4"" F&R


Dinan Suspension systems are known for not only transforming the stance of your vehicle, but maintaining factory ride quality and improving handling.  Lower your car for improved suspension geometry and a more aggressive stance.  This set for the E90 M3 provides greater control over body roll thanks to higher spring rates.  This increased stiffness will result in a reduction in the rear suspension compression under acceleration and front suspension compression under braking, as well as improving grip, resulting in a more ""controlled"" feel for the driver.




It is highly recommended that you purchase and install the corresponding Ride Quality and Handling Kit along with your Dinan Performance Spring Set.  This ensures you can achieve the advertised ride height, performance, and quality.  With or without the Ride Quality and Handling Kit, your warranty is still effective for product defect issues.  Any claims dealing with poor handling, poor ride quality, etc. will not be warranted.

Please refer to Dinan's Suspension Stage Matrix here.


dinan performance spring set




If you have any questions about these Dinan Performance Spring Sets please give us a call at 714-582-3330


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